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  • what an absolute liability hes turned into the man seems to be putting butter on his gloves these days looks to me like a player who doesn,t want to be there and his recent performances seem to back that up

    just an opinion but i am sure i am not the only one thinking it but if sold who replaces him

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    • was anyone else watching soccer am this morning were the secret behind pepe,s loss of form was revealed now i was expecting a slight injury problem maybe new boots or gloves maybe one of his children has been unwell and keeping him up but no i was amazed when the answer was revealed as his local petrol station has closed causing him bad luck


      YNWA JFT96

    • Interesting article from Neville Southall regarding Pepe, he still rates him as best in the league though!


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      • Hey Hobbs

        It is an interesting article but not one that I 100% agree with.

        I don't see how BR asking Pepe not to try any "Hollywood" throws/kicks* (if indeed he has) would affect the mistakes he has been making at the back? It also doesn't explain his rather dodgy season by his own high standards last year under Kenny.

        He's still a top keeper though - just seems to have lost 1/2% of his focus/confidence. Hopefully he'll get that back soon.

        *ps. given his throw out led to Norwich's first goal, maybe BR has a point.

    • It is a worryingly long run of bad form, I think it coincided with the Benitez goalkeeping coach leaving too, whether that makes a difference or not I do not know. I wouldnt call him a liability but there is something wrong for sure. For me though, hes the best keeper in the league in terms of footwork, delivery (long kicks and easily throwing) and for those who watch games live, he doesnt shut up on the pitch. He is an amazing part of team comradery too, his contribution to a Spain squad he rarely plays in is of legend to the spaniards.

      I certainly dont blame him for the opening goal for Norwich on the weekend, I doubt many keepers would have just simply caught a ball hit that hard. I think people have read too much into the cup games to think Jones would do any better, after all, had Pepe made that mistake that Jones did against WBA he would have been slaughtered for it. Bringing in some serious competition for him wouldnt hurt one bit though.

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      • There does seem to be a trend that we are pointing at Reina recently, and I'm not going to say he's the perfect keeper (in fact is there a perfect keeper?). However rather than base an assessment on other people’s opinions I thought it might be a good idea to see what he's conceded so far this concern to see how badly he's actually doing.

        First off he's let in 12 goals in the league which in itself is not a good stat. But of those how many are his fault. All, most, a majority, a few or none?

        WBA - gave up 3 goals
        Gerra - could anyone stop that shot?
        Odenwinge (pen) - can you really blame a keeper for not stopping a pen?
        Lukaku - If memory serves looping cross to the back post and headed in, not sure what Riena could have done, but defense should have done better.

        City - gave up 2
        Toure - yes Reina missed the cross so got to ding him on that one
        Tevez - one on one where attacker always has advantage so give Pepe benefit of doubt on that one

        Arsenal - gave up 2
        Podolski - not sure we can pin that one on Reina
        Carzola - yes think he should have done better.

        Sunderland- gave up 1
        Fletcher - not sure that one was Pepe's fault

        Utd - Gave up 2
        Rafael - Can't stand him, but it was one heck of a goal
        RVP - Again is Pepe at fault for not stopping a pen?

        Norwich - Gave up 2
        Morrison - Maybe he could have held it, but give a little credit to the initial shot. I'd give Pepe a pass on that one
        Holt - like the Tevez goal, one on one with the keeper, maybe he can do better, but the attacker always has the advantage, so I'd give benefit of the doubt

        So for me that is Pepe at fault for 2 of the 12 scored against him. Not perfect, but again who is the perfect keeper? To be fair in assessing any player I think you have to look at what a player contributes not just their faults before making final assessment. Of course it’s still subjective, but I’ll let other make up their minds, but hopefully based on all facts, not just remembering just one or two mistakes.

      • Hobs...Pepe is a good keeper BUT there is something worrying about his form this season and I think its wrong to blame it on the idea that we arent as tight at the back as previously.
        Hes started to flap at stuff floating across the box instead of dominating and getting to the ball either pulling it in or punching it clear.Akeeper who is unable to dominate his own area is defo a worry for his defence hence my reluctance to blame defense as its natural that at times defenders can be distracted wondering just where he is ?Its starting to remind me of the later stint that Calamity James had with us and he was an England keeper at the time too !
        I think Jones is a whole lot better keeper than many give him credit for a good shot stopper good positional sense certainly can dominate his area good on crosses much more in the way of basic errors from Pepe and maybe BR will have no choice but to consider dropping Pepe and Promoting Jonesy.

      • I'm with you on Norwich's first goal. That ball moved at the last minute. I'd be looking why a Norwich player was allowed to get into that shooting position and take the shot before questioning Reina.

        Still he isn't the same keeper that he was a short couple of thre years ago. BUT we were tighter at the back then. So far this season and last we've been too easy to get behind and he's often left exposed.

    • real shame about Pepe - just not the player he was! his decision making when back treading, especially one one on one is the worst i have seen for a long time, positioning so very poor - letting goals in near post in particular AND does not command the penalty box at corners or free kicks - too often still on the line when goals go in...very soon he will get caught out when we pass back to him...Swansea keeper looks good though!