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  • Loki Loki Oct 5, 2012 07:11 Flag

    Kamikaze defending

    seems to lead to our downfall every week.....if this isn't sorted soon we are going to have to be scoring 3 or 4 every week to win matches, and can someone tell me what's happened to Glen Johnson? No touch, no positioning and his pace is reduced to zero!

    Some of our forward play is out of this world as typified by Shelveys goal, but there is at least 2 or 3 individual mistakes every game causing us to give stupid goals away. We need to increase the defensive drills in training Bren!

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    • loki...sorry mate have to disagree with u about our fw play. A lot of nice build up from midfield retaining possession well I will give u that but as usual NO CUTTING EDGE IN FRONT OF GOAL that is until Stevie and Louis came on then things changed but maybe we should against such a strong Udinese side have started with them ? Certainly for me Borini looked a complete waste of space.

    • Fair comment Loki. Mind you, we still arent getting much share of the luck that´s going. Udinese hardly threatened but when they did, we conceded whilst at the other end, Shelvey prevents Luis´shot going in and we pepper the goal with nil result - in fairness probably because their box was so crammed with red and white shirts, one could hardly see the posts! Build up too slow for a win against a good defensive side and we need to move the ball faster than we did last night to score those four goals whilst sorting out our poor defensive record.