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    Udinese in review

    I somehow came away from that game almost enjoying it in a strange way, it wasnt like Kenny last year when we were a goal behind and sitting their in an anxious state knowing we couldnt get a goal.

    The first half was very controlled and 1 sided, I dont know the stats but felt like we had 70% plus possesion and Jonjo scored a lovely header. I'm sure the halftime teamtalk wasnt "let them have the ball and defend like children" but they came at us straight away and looked very potent in attack, Di Natalie was outstanding, every touch looked graceful and he was really relishing playing at Anfield and it was a bit of an occasion for their lads.

    They were at near enough full strength whilst we rotated and given the last 2 results with rotated teams were so good, expectation had been raised that any side we put out could do something. Glenn and Stevie were both guilty of being caught in possesion (becoming scarily recurrent?) and to be fair, I think Coates was put in a very difficult position for that OG, he had to get a touch and there was no way he was getting it clear. The other 2 goals were fantastic strikes of the highest order and not something you will see every week.

    Suarez had a great cameo, that free kick was something else and I think we deserved something out of the game. Pepe had an encouraging performance as did Downing, I thought Assaidi started well then faded but I have to say, Borini was just plain awful. He gave the ball away in silly places, kept trying tricks and flicks, he is a frustrating player to watch. He does work hard and is very 'busy' but he needs to get his head right and soon.

    Jonjo had a game of 2 halves, superb in the first and woeful in the second. We are still in a decent position in the group but are going to have to put Anzhi away in these 2 matches because Udinese will prioritise the Europa league and they will pick up 6 points against Young boys. I think we will have to go full strength next time out or close to, I definitely want to be in the knockout stages.

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    • I agree with pretty much all of that, but just a couple things to add.

      On Borini I agree it’s frustrating, but think it’s fair to try to give the lad some credit when its deserved. JonJo, and Downing deserve a lot of credit for the opening goal, but it was Borini who took both defenders with him on his run, opening up the space for Shelvey to get into. I'd love him to get himself a goal, and you can see the frustration building in him, however so long as he keeps working hard, making the runs he is, I think he's adding something.

      On JonJo I agree it was a bit of a game of two halves, but actually think his fading was more in line with when Stevie came on rather than the half time break. First half he was on everything, and relished the freedom of sitting behind the striker (including the space Borini opened up for him, as I've already mentioned) but it looks like he deferred to Gerrard when he came on, which is what caused him to drift out of the game, so I'd not be too hard on the lad.

      Last point, some have given Coates a bit of a hard time for the OG, but to be honest I felt bad for him and not sure what else he could have done, but up till then I thought he'd defended very well. First half, Udinese had a few breaks, which made me nervous and neither of our CB's are known for pace, but felt he stood up strong and put in a good shift.

    • Hobs...see what I mean about Borini ? This guy is frankly a waste of space. He was played in his so called 'natural' position and what did he do ...basically he got in the way of more talented players ...end of.I know there will be some on the board saying ...Oh we have to give him time to settle he needs time and we must be patient...no thanks ...we are lacking thrust and cutting edge up front as it is and just cant afford time for this bloke to casually bed himself in. We need pts in the Prem and now we need all the pts we can get in the Europa too if we intend to qualify out of te Group and playing this guy isnt going to help us get them. Also much though many of the Udinese players were play-acting injuries and thr like to waste time I noticed Borini doing his share looking for his Oscar nomination too last night ...that is DEFO NOT THE LIVERPOOL WAY...I can only hope that if BR does have any real rapport with this turnip he bought for 10 mill he helps him get his head on straight....QUICKLY !!!
      Think our reaql problem last niught was that we pressed them high up pitch in first half and then built our plays steadily but that pressing for the most part was absent in the first fifteen mins or so of the 2nd half and to that extent think BR is correct to use the term LAZY. He has to read the lads the riot act over this ..stamina alied with concentration is what gerts the job done not casually sauntering about at the begining of the 2nd half resting on a one goal lead against quality opposition.

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      • I think the press high and control the game high is the right way to play, I love it but I guess we just have to accept the bedding in process. When we lost the ball, players just couldnt close their men down quick enough. I dont know if it is a flaw in the system or whether it is just the application. Obviously Barca and Spain beat most teams they play but sides with tactics and gameplans tend to know how to get at them, particularly Real Madrids punchy counter attacks. Seeing as we are a W.I.P. impression of them, its natural that we are unsteadied from time to time.....ahem, a lot of the time!

        I dont want to tear Borini apart, we ahve all seen it with Lucas as an example that some people just need time. What really annoys me is that it is his decision making not his ability letting him down, he looks eratic and clueless at times, not the picture painted originally as a cool finisher with a clever head, maybe hes just a bit out of sorts. What is annoying is to say to Downing etc to pull your socks up and then play Raheem, Suso etc (which I agree with 100%) but play Borini in a Europa game and leave Pacheco and Yesil out who have shown more quality on the pitch already. That, is double standards, showing a bias to a player he has bought in which doesnt fall in line with everything else thats happened recently.

    • Agree with pretty much all of that.

      One thing in Borini's favour is that he does work hard and his movement was good again last night. If you are going to play with one of top you need that to create space for the midfield and so I guess that's why BR rates him so much.

      Still, you do need to put the ball in the back of the net occasionally!

      Oh for a fit and flying Nando.