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  • Hobitez Hobitez Oct 5, 2012 13:46 Flag

    Team to face Stoke?

    A bit dissapointing last night against Udinese but we still played well and were threatening constantly accompanied by multiple changes in personnel. I feel confident going into the Stoke game but feel we are vulnerable to the counter attack or being 'put under'. Stoke will look to sit deep and stop us passing in their half before hitting Crouch and getting up to support. Walters has been an irritation to us in the past so hopefull we can shut him down. Charlie Adam with Blackpool form corner taking anyone?


    Subs: Jones, Wisdom, Suso, Carragher, Assaidi, Borini, Henderson

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    • I think this side is going to almost automatically pick itself after the performance last week at Norwich... I thought that may have been Downing's best performance ever in a red shirt (not saying too much), but he looked gassed for his efforts, so I'd include him in the bench. I think that aside from Suarez ridiculous performance, you could have made a debate for Wisdom being a player of the match and easily the best defender on the day, which also why I think he was rested having played vs Young Boys and then Norwich. I know Enrique has admitted to having knee problems, but even if fit, I think BR actually fancies Glen to the left because he can cross with his left foot and cut in for some lovely right shots.. albeit we know not his true position, but he doesn't seem bothered or any less a player. Once in fact, under Kenny I actually said he looked a better defender there, perhaps because of how he opens/turns his body in defending or back tracking..


      Jones, Coates, Enrique, Downing, Borini, Assaidi, Jonjo

      Would like to see Yesil get in, and think it would be a fair shout in Borini's place, perhaps he does anywways over someone else, but I think (this may be too gentle) removing Borini now from the subs could damage him mentally for the season, and we've (BR) really got to get him going.. To his credit, while nothing spectacular, his run on Jonjo's goal is what allowed it to happen as it did.. other than that he seemed to be in the right places but never with the ball, and just off the speed of the game.. I think/hope it's just a matter of thinking too much..