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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Oct 6, 2012 08:46 Flag

    please help our search

    MISSING : ROBERT M last heard of on the 4th of October sharing his wisdom regarding anything LFC.Since then, nothing. Coincidently Robert is CFC fan so maybe suffering from the shock of finding out John Terry is not the paragon of virtue and the reincarnation of St George the Chelsea fans would have us believe.

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    • I think I'm entitled to a bit of retaliation here...

      It seems to me, after yet another failure to win at Anfield, that what you should be searching for is a way of getting some league points. I'm sure you know that this is now your worst start to the season in the last thousand years and your league form at home this season is W2, D5, L6.

      I know this is a bit of an embargoed subject but do you think your manager is up to the job? Apart from the atrocious start to the season, I wonder if he is losing the dressing room. His public criticism of his players seems to be resulting in players criticising back. And I've been a bit surprised by his management style in the Being Liverpool programmes. He seems to switch between belligerence and patronising bullshit without much in between.

      Maybe I'm missing something.


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      • well Robert I would say it's still too early to say whether he's not up to the job.He's a young,well respected manager with plenty of admirers in the game and rebuiding the club which is what he's been appointed to do will take time.What kind of club would appoint a promising manager on a long contract after paying a sizable compensation package to his previous employers, then sack him because "senior"players feeel threatened because the new guy questions their ability and attitude? Or do we sack him because he's trying to chnage the way we play and results willtake time to come and we do not have the patience to wait?Do we just keep changing the manager every season or so ? All at LFC know it's going to take time,effort and money.Afterall some clubs can wait 55years for a league title!
        So I feel if we do give him time, he will get us playing, and winning the right way again.

    • Blimey, Robert hasn't posted for two days! Shock, horror.

      Last time I started a thread about JT's public relations on this board I was abused by several people for doing so. if you want to talk about it, go ahead. If you want my opinion about this or anything else that I haven't already opined about, you can ask.

      Otherwise, don't assume that me not posting something on this board for two whole days is any more to do with John Terry than it is to do with, ooh, our respective league positions.