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  • Paddy Paddy Oct 8, 2012 08:53 Flag

    Pullis on Suarez

    "I don't know how many times he has fallen over but the one in the penalty box is just an embarrassment and how he has not been booked I just don't know." "Retrospective decisions are made on a Monday by the FA and they should be looking at this."

    Firstly, quite right. Suarez should be ashamed of his dive and BR should be in his ear about it.

    Secondly, it's telling that in his righteous indignation, Pullis didn't extend his anger towards all of his own players trying to kick Suarez or Robert Huth stamping on him.

    Cheating is cheating - and until everyone calls it as such regardless of which player and which team is doing it - it will carry on.

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    • Not sure if anyone saw this one today or not, but it did make me laugh:


      First off the choice of words just smacks of Freudian slips to me. He wants to have "Referees have to try to stamp down on it." I'm wondering if Huth was standing next to him at the time, so the idea of how to address players with diving reputation just popped in his head.

      But I also love the phrase "winning a penalty." I hear commentators say it, and now Knighly, but surely you are awarded a penalty. It’s a consolation for being denied something due to a foul. "Winning" suggests players are looking for it, so what is the difference between a striker looking for a leg to bump into, waiting to touched, or diving? Are they not all forms of cheating?

      But maybe it’s a mentality Pullis has put in his players’ minds. I mean he is on record saying it’s about doing what you have to get results (countering Wenger saying Stoke kill the game). I think he also shrugged off questions about Crouchies recent hand ball goal with "If Peter's got away with it, then brilliant". I can only conclude from that he most likely did not mind the Huth stamp, if it intimidated an opposition player, but why so offended if his opponents try also to bend the rules?

    • Is a weird one with Ashley Cole, somehow he has managed to enhance his reputation with the neutral fans whilst been blasted by the press. I think the whole country thinks its a joke and are taking his side, maybe its because we dont want him to quit the England team!

    • Hi Robert

      I did see Molby's article. I nearly said piece then which would have been very wrong.

      Anyway two things stood out for me which pretty much agrees with your comments.

      Firstly he said that Suarez would only get a stone wall penalty. While it's true shouldn't they all be like that? As you say where at the point where penalties are won through various methods of clever play (for want of a better word), diving and "professional" play.

      It's true the game used to be more honest. When a foul was a foul and not a player looking to gain an advantage. It's a problem with the rule of the game where it's far too easy to gain an advantage to show that you've been hurt or booted by the opposition. The philosophy and rules tend to be different in any other sport.

    • 100% agree

    • Hmm Suarez is a talented player there's no need for him to dive like this.

      Diving will only get him a repuatation for diving and would be unlikely to get a penalty when it's a genuine foul..

      Come on Luis cut it out. Ref's don't fall for your antics anymore. You're making a fool out of yourself and LFC.

      The writing is on the wall.. I can see him being sold in January as it embarrasses LFC and FSG. I believe FSG said they won't tollerate anymore of his nonsense.

    • Absolutely agree. I think Suarez actually did get caught, but then took another step before he went down. No doubt a dive, but assume as he was getting kicked all match he thought he'd try and buy one, which considering all the headlines was very silly. The irony is a little before that he'd made a great run into the box and a leg had been dangled in front of him and he played right through it and eventually ran out of real estate. Even the commentator said he could have quite easily have gone down but stayed on his feet trying to play the ball. That suggests to me he'd not a dishonest player, but makes some very poor decisions from time to time.

      But Pullis, who I normally like as he gets the best out of very little is coming over a little rich here. He obviously sent his team out to try to bully a point, which unlike Wenger I'm fine with. But at least be honest about it, and to want a 3 match ban for Suarez was turning a blind eye to the Huth stamp is pure hypocrisy. Him then complementing Johnson for having the right attitude when fouled by Waters really takes the biscuit for me. Clattering into a player in midair with no intention of playing the ball is not a fair challenge, it’s a blatant foul, and potentially dangerous with Johnson falling into the advertising hoardings. But according to Pullis we should act nice!

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      • That suggests to you he is not a dishonest player ? Seriously because he stayed on his feet once in a situation where he could have dived ( and it would have been a dive as he clearly stayed on his feet ) . So all the examples of his diving , his handball in the World Cup, his biting an opponent the other issue we won't mention for fear of changing topic, all these examples of what a cheat he is are outweighed by him staying on his feet once ? In a game where he dived blatantly. This makes him honest ? He just makes some bad decisions occasionally FFS those decisions that are bad , are they dishonest ones ? You are fairly reasonable Dave usually, but just as myopic as the worst on this occasion

      • I think I'm right in that afore mentioned Walters has "bought a few" pens against us in recent seasons hasn't he? The thing with Suerez now is why bother diving/simulating etc? he should know he isn't going to get a pen? If you can't get a free kick when some 6ft plus kraut riverdances all over your chest in the middle of the pitch, then you ain't gunna get the benefit of the doubt in the box.Basically Luis, if you arn't showing bare bone through your shin or a bullet wound which cannot be construed as self inflicted you are going to get (ironically sweet FA!)

    • "he couldn't go ... and buy a penalty"

      I don't know if you saw Jan Molby's piece. He makes the point that players used to stay on their feet more. We now have the phrases "won a penalty" and "draw the foul" which shows that players playing for fouls is now a standard part of the game. It isn't just attacking players - defenders often go down very easily and get soft free kicks rather than trying to play themselves out of holes.

      Frustrating as it may be for you, Suarez's joke dive yesterday was for the rest of us just an illustration that his mindset is often to demand a foul on the merest of pretexts. He's not the only one but he does seem to be the worst. And yes, there is no-one more hypocritical than Pulis for whingeing on about the speck in the other teams' eyes while ignoring the great big planks in his own.


    • It was such a stupid thing to do especially after everyone coming out and saying that hes being punished for the 'real penalty fouls' now. Whats ironic is that he was actually fouled a 1/4 second before and rode it then obviously had a thought then went down to late! I agree, he needs to cut it out, everyone hates him, we love him, but it is getting silly.
      Tony Pullis is a moron, he's come out with that to avoid the fact his team came to kick us off the park. Robert Huth should be banned for that stamp, it was just ridiculous and he must have made at least 6 bad challenges after that. Cheating is cheating whether it is diving or stamping, I tell you what though, I would rather someone dived over my leg then stamped on me!

    • couldnt agree more. Bale dived for us against Villa, and although it wasnt in the area, he could easily of got their keeper sent off. I think it would be good if all fans boo'ed their own player for a minute and let him know they dont like obvious cheating, then I think they'll think twice.