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    having watched liverpool play yesterday and barcelona last night i know why this style of play is working for barca and not working for liverpool in essence we have the basics correct the tiki taka philosophy is based on pass and move and if you lose the ball get it back within 6 seconds but if you watch liverpool in the final third liverpool usually only ever have 1 person in the box but barca have at least 4 players in the box waiting the final pass and thats were it goes wrong gerrard is too deep allen is to deep sterling is on the sideline in fact johnson and agger are usually further forward than the midfielders and there lies your problem because as soon as a team breaks quickly we have johnson and agger struggling to get back in position with skrtel left furthest back to deal with any counter attack were as barca move forward as a team and usually have 4 defenders on the half way line something liverpool don,t do

    opinions please

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    • Gerrard, Sahin, Allen just need to watch when a break is happening and.. run into the area.. Or whomever is picked for midfield.. and go and support the attackers as well as baffle the opposition.. as they'll not know who to mark & watch..

      As we playing as things stand we're easy to read. Especially in the 18 yrd box..

    • Not quite Miguel

      There's nothing wrong with a patient build up so long as you can inject some pace just at the right moment to get behind the defence. One of our problems is we break quickly but leave OUR defence behind or become sloppy. The result is a chasm just in front of our back line which is often missing Johnson as he's tanked it somewhere upfield as well.

      The key is come up together, be compact and don't have gaps in the lines. If we do break quickly then you must be accurate or it will come back even quicker as the game is stretched and they will often have a lot of players in our half.

    • Back to the thread topic for a moment. I have banged on before about players in the box and Noo Noo is right, we are too slow in the build up and the defence get too far forward leaving us open to silly goals on the break. Its our midfiled Gerrard, Allen and Sahin who need to speed up and be in the box with Suarez when Sterling Wisdom Agger Johnson and co get to the by line and pass -not cross - the ball. Waiting until they face eleven defenders in the six yard area is too late.

    • Also helps to have players who can actually score goals !!

    • My opinion is that people take more notice of what you say if you litter your eloquent prose with a modicum of punctuation. Some capitalisation helps too.

      Treat this as an invitation for abuse or constructive criticism as you wish.


    • It's a fair point. In my pink custard analysis' I've often found Johnson too far advanced and we become very exposed down that flank. West Brom and Arsenal ripped us apart down Johnson's wing.

      I also think you make a fair point on numbers in the box. Far too often I've seen us short in there at the critical moment. It's all well and good if you can get behind the opposition defence but that is extremely difficult to achieve in the modern game. You need to create 2 on 1 situations or overlaps.