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  • Colyn Colyn Oct 9, 2012 11:50 Flag

    Dzeko anyone?

    I just thought I'd throw this out there.

    City seem to be looking at Falcao which to me means there will be a striker or two on the move from City. I think that would probably mean Balotelli who will be a huge loss on entertainment value alone, (unless he went to United and started his antics there) and Dzeko.

    He scores a few. Thoughts?

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    • hmmmm???? I'd have thought that first and foremost the sort of player we want is one who scores goals or one who creates mayhem in the box to enable others to score goals but hey all our eggs appear to be in one box now and that box is marked tikki-takki......dont get me wrong here 'cos I think we are begining to look good......but I still wish we had a few more plans other than just plan A

    • It's pretty hard to trust players these days, no matter how genuine you appear, even with some more than others, but having said that, amidst alot of transfer rumors last year after his first (a wonderful one) season with Atletico, Falcao was quoted as staying he was so happy that he had moved there from Porto and hoped to play there and La Liga (enter Madrid/Barca) for many years..

      Also, Atletico smashed their transfer record for him for about 35M (maybe 36, what's 1M anyways these days right?) and with his form being ridiculous, probably only bested by Van Persie and Cavani, they could easily demand 50M ish.. which City are not in the position to spend despite their embarassment of riches because of their squad being flooded and over paid. They'd have to rid of Balotelli and Dzeko, but then feel 1 short as Mancini feels he needs to have 4 world class there to be successful, ironically 1 world class at the back in Kompany..

      Alot more rumors for Falcao have been linked with Chelsea, who have less depth up front, so perhaps I could see that, but in getting to the point, would I want Dzeko? Absolutely yes, however, City paid 27M for him, and I'd think Balo would go before him because he's still 27 and of their 4 strikers, he is the most unique, though not as good as Aguero or Tevez. That said, he scores goals, could play in almost any team, and having paid 27M, it would be hard to see them selling for anything less than 24-25M and only if they knew they had someone else wrapped up.

      He will be going on 28, and for me that doesn't matter, I think next to transfer fee sums, age is the next most redundant theme we all seem to hit on, but for the 27M and a 28 yo, it's hard to see that happening, especially with Llorente, Dimaio and a few others who are slightly younger, some drastically, and for alot less ... But I like the idea personally..