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    Being: Liverpool

    I'm surprised not to have seen comments on this. What do people think of it?

    For me, the funniest moment was when John Henry approached two of your younger players in the dressing room at Fenway Park and asked "Do you know who I am?" They plainly didn't.


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    • In the latest one Rodgers has a team talk in which he waves three envelopes in the air and says that they have names of three people who are going to let the club down this season. "Don't let your name be one of these."

      Somehow I doubt that these envelopes are going to remain in public view and then be opened at the end if the season so his prediction can be tested. But that's not my point. My point is that this seems to me to be a very negative way to manage a group of footballers. It's less "we're all in this together" and more "right, who we're going to blame".

      Do people disagree?


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      • I have no doubt that there aren't any individual players names in those envelopes.. I watched the episode twice (will do a 3rd), and unfortunately, let it slip my mind to pay extra special attention to that, but I'm pretty sure he said 3 "people", not players, just so that was a clear talking point. So, he could very well have the intention of creating the combo of motivation and curiosity, with his own name in one, the asst and other staff in another, and the fans/supporters being the 3rd. And, how they would let down others in that room down, would actually be the players/team letting them down by not doing their own jobs and performing..

        That's my theory anyways, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter, though if anyone cares to see what a senior member of the team, and one who's worn the captain's armband thinks:

        I'm pretty sure, without any lipstick or gloss, Gerrard, Carra, the captain and vice, probably along with vocal senior players like Agger, would see it the same way, and say the same things as Reina..

        They tried to make a big deal of it here on tv, and that went over with mixed reviews never really touched on again, and in the grand scheme of the show, and the entire summer, while not forgettable, was a 1 minute action/event, from thousands..
        I had no problem with it whatsoever, mostly for the theory I gave, but also because I've seen/heard far worse done, so it might just be the American sports fan in me..

    • It is to me what Eastenders is to my missus! I love watching it, if not just to see everyone in training and an inside look at the club whether its with a 'tv show' feel to it or not. The one thing thats become my pet hate is how often Brendan Rodgers says "ok?" at the end of nearly every sentence, its like a step up from saying "errrrrrrr" to gap fill sentences. His wife is an odd looking creature too. Joking aside, Brendan comes across very well in it and its just a bit of a shame its all a couple of months behind as they build up to matches then we already know the ill coming results!

    • It's not the totally unvarnished look at the inside the ads make it out to me, but it’s still an interesting watch, and not just for Reds, but for others interested in what happens beyond Saturday afternoon.