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    so lets see can us educated footie fans come up with a winning formula with the present squad and a suitable formation?

    heres how i see it

    the trick to winning is simple tell gerrard , allen , sahin and shelvey to stop playing so deep make sure that the defence never cross the half way line therefore they won,t get caught out when a team breaks quickly and tell players in midfield to back suarez up in the box

    failing that show the whole squad videos of how barca play tiki tika football and some of it might sink in

    team sheet something like this reina .johnson ,skrtel,agger,enrique allen gerrard shelvey, sterling,sahin suarez gives the options of three different set ups 4-4-3 or 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 the 4-4-1-1 system works best with sahin as the link between gerrard and suarez also sahin is quite a creative player so let him do his stuff either behind or alongside suarez

    everyone a winners

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    • I believe the answer is keep banging on with the same 4-3-3 formation and keep trying players until January at least. Stick to what the manager believes is a winning formula and if players cant adapt or grab positions by the coat tails then change them for the ones that can. I think its fair to say if Lucas was the deepest of the 3 in the middle we wouldnt be struggling so much with counter attacks, keeping Jay Spearing may have helped slightly in that position but we would be less forward thinking and fluid.

      Patience lads, you dont turn a team who were 17th best in 2012 into champions league runners by waving a magic wand saying tiki taka on it and playing with no established forwards. We have learned a lot in the first 2 months of the season and we should be happy that the manager is too. He already knows he needs help at left back, he knows Downing is 5hit and he has learned that Shelvey, Suso, Sterling and Wisdom can at least do the jobs of big earners like Henderson, Cole and Downing. I think we will find that we can move on a few 'star players' with no loss in quality and I imagine that space on that wage bill is going to open us up for some exciting incomings soon.

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      • I agree. Yes results are not coming in as we'd like them, but if we realistically expected the transition to a new manager and a new system would not have bumps in the road we were fooling ourselves.

        I also think we have to recognize a number of the players asked to play this new system are either new to the club, new to the prem, or both. Player like Sterling, Sahan, Borini, and even Shelvey who is not new, but has had little first team experience will all improve both as players, and contributors to the new system.

      • Stick with what's working, or at least progressing.. There's no point in putting lipstick on a pig and then calling it a show horse..

        Granted there's been time where they've all been inconsistent, but aside from WBA, and Arsenal, I think the vast majority of the play has been consistent, ever improving, and in 2-3 matches, Utd, Norwich in particular where all around it was lovely and attractive stuff, even when down to 10 men..

        Maybe you tweak it slightly so either Sahin is pushed more forward and on paper it resembles 4-2-3-1, but really still 4-3-3 but other than that I stay don't change at all. The players, both new, young and old are all adapting and starting to grasp so making a change is only going to hurt, and it's not like we aren't playing quality stuff, we're just 2-3 goals short of a whole other situation ..

        I think some subtle tweaks or tinkering on BR's part might work, perhaps something like playing Suarez and Sterling wide and having Yesil get his go up front, or Sterling Assaidi flanking Suarez with Suso behind...

        We have plenty of options to change some approach in Sahin, Shelvey, Suso, Yesil and even Pacheco who did really well in the Cup match..

        I think Allen has been absolutely superb at winning the ball and his distribution so it's not like we're suffering last year without Lucas, because to be honest I think he may struggle to get back in initially, because Allen and Gerrard aren't going to make way, so it will be Sahin really.. But that's another story for when we cross that bridge..

        Right now it's focus on maximizing what we have, which to be honest, is still far more than a whole plethora of teams, it's just knuckling down and making the easy plays look easy, and converting some difficult ones too.. We don't seem so far away, as we did after that opener at WBA..

    • Sorry I think it's far more subtle than that. I've touched on it in another thread(s)

      The trick is to get one of the midfielders arriving late. Earlier in th season Gerrard did play further forward and he was dire. We were all moaning about it. Why? Because he was static and easy to mark. You need a midfielder to drift into the space between the defensive lines, not stay there permanently.

      It's the same when you arrive in the box. If you sit there you become easy to mark. Arrive late and you'll find space.

      Our problem is we need to be more compact and less sloppy. When we break we stretch the game and ourselves. Certain players get too advanced and that leaves big gaps. If we're sloppy and lose the ball it comes back quickly and they immediately have a numbers advantage (that's why you break).

      When we press teh shape is good. You need to squeeze the team back as far as you can. Alonso was (is) so good at this. Then it's down to movement and having that one person in the middle at the right time. An out an out finisher will keep the opposition central defence occupied but also squeeze them back towards their own goal because they play the line. We don't at the moment because we don't have that player. if you're lucky or good enough to get behind them the you turn the defnce and then it's that tme for the late arriving midfielder.

      Even better is the midfielder (or anyone for that matter) who can break from their position (deep) and go beyond the forward line. Timing is critical but I haven't seen a player that can do it for a long long time. Perhaps it's no longer part of their programming.