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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Oct 11, 2012 21:48 Flag

    If Suarez gets injured.....

    .....we are totally fcuked. Fabio has fractured his foot on international duty leaving us with just one recognised striker in Luis for who knows how long.

    I know it's been discussed before but what must the owners be thinking watching this club fall into this position? With an absolute plethora of strikers warming the bench down the other end of the M62, it really rings home just how miles away we are from being where we all want to be.

    Stevie was right recently when he said it would take a miracle for LFC to win the title during his career. 1 recognised striker. And he's not exactly banging them in week in week out...

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    • We'd have to juggle things about.. we've some young talent so no need to worry..

    • We would be in big trouble, no question. There is some pretty decent looking kids though, Yesil, Pacheco and Morgan could all get a blast. Stevie G could play a false 9 too you know! That would probably be my preference if not a slightly odd sounding one. We have a fair bit of cover in the middle of the park so in that circumstance I wouldnt be against bringing in Shelvey to the midfield and pushing Stevie forward. You know what he would do with a chance in the box!

      Suarez has picked up 3 yellow cards this season so a 5 card ban is not a million miles away.

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      • I'd actually consider reversing that with JonJo up top, and Stevie behind him.

        JS just seems to be brimming with confidence right now, has good touch, an eye for goal, and a good physical presence. Also as a young player he also seems very willing to do what he's told depending what the assignment is for that day. Last term I remember a couple times him coming off the bench and slotting in at LB, which tells me despite being young is disciplined enough to do what the job requires.

        Not that Stevie could not do the role, or is not disciplined enough, but I think we give up so much by sticking him up top in terms of his distribution and ability to roam and pop up where the space is.

        Also, I've noticed that JonJo does so much better when he's on the pitch without Stevie around, as they play such similar roles when both in the midfield. Against Udinese I thought JonJo was magnificent, but once SG came on he just faded away. But if he's given his own individual assignment separate from Stevie, and space on the pitch that he's told is his to dominate, I think he can shine, even with Stevie pulling the strings behind him in his imo best position.