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    Borini out for 3 months

    I would be amazed if Yesil and maybe Morgan dont get a chance now.....it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, we all know Borini hasnt pulled up any trees since he came.

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    • Nemeth was a player I was championing for a while but he hasnt exactly done much since leaving, Dalle Valle a.k.a. 'The new Torres' has done even worse! Whilst we are on this subject, Tom Ince is the player we messed up on the most, seems he could be heading to Man United, my apologies if this was mentioned previously.

      I'm not worried anyway, according to the very reliable media we will be getting David Villa, Alexis Sanchez, Arda Turan, Huntelaar, Llorente and Sturridge in January so I think we will be fine ;)

    • Dave,

      Zaha was a super hot name last year, if you recall he caused all kinds of mayhem in Crystal Palace famous victory in the Carling Cup at Old Trafford.. He was super impressive, and from when/what I've seen, he looks to be a player who could really bulk up physically and perhaps develop into a striker, while he does play wide now.. I think the interest from anyone, including Liverpool is very serious, and he could be an Oxlade Chamberlain type that you don't want to miss out on..

      Regards to Ince, funny you mention that, because I had seen Blackpool play a little bit, and saw some of his stats as well as being a starter on the left for the U-21s, and I remember how easily we gave up on him, but don't remember who/when or why?

      I'll just toss in an another, and this is squarely on that genius Roy Hodgson. Alex Kacaniklic has played VERY well for Fulham, has at least 1 goal off top of my head, maybe 2, and some set ups, AND has also scored for Sweden Senior team..
      He seems one that Roy just never even bothered to let have a kick of the ball, and someone brought him in, presumably Rafa, and he's now developing while we got stuck with that rubbish that was named Paul Konchesky..

      End of the day it's 20/20, but these are 2 players and I'll add in 2 more, Insua and Nemeth (Hungarian Striker who had a brace along side Torres in a competitive match) that I wish we had waited more, and given more time to develop.. Fortunately we are doing much better in that dept. now with Rodgers visions and beliefs..

      After Yesil getting into the senior squad (he has to or I'm nuts), I'd like to see Adorjan.. he seems very exciting, and not a jibe at British/English, but as a player at the same age, he looks far more skilled/excited, but a bit raw, than Adam Morgan who will likely get the first look in being a longer servig Red in the system..

    • Jason ....count me in too if people end up looking for someone to blame if Yesil doesnt do too well...this kid has all the ability he needs to put the ball in the onion bag and thats what we need right now ! Get the lad in there give him a starter role !

    • According to TALKsport, Gary Hooper's talks with Celtic have fallen apart leaving the way open for Liverpool.

      My, how the mighty have fallen if that's your market.

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      • Assuming it is a real interest, I suppose you could do worse for a 24 y/o striker with 60 goals in 100 (6 in 13 European) games that would cost in the 4-5M range..

        While obviously not the target for me, nor most people on the board, if he were a secondary target I would have no issue..
        Afterall, alot of people said the same thing when we were linked with Nikica Jelavic of Rangers, who Kenny decided to let pass to our friends at Goodison.. "He wasn't good enough to make the jump from SPL to EPL and be effective, not good enough" Jelavic has 15 goals in 23 games for Everton ..

        I wonder if there was a serious injury crisis up front at OT, with 3-4 (since you have alot more), if Fergie wouldn't just consider a little 4-5M shot at Hooper... of course that would be genius..

        Since right now it's nothing more than talk, would adding Hooper to a front line of Suarez and Sterling / Suso, with Gerrard, Allen, Sahin, Lucas make Liverpool weaker for adding him to the sum of their best parts, or would Hooper possibly have the potential to get better as the beneficiary of playing alongside them?

    • The question is who starts up top for the cups as BR has not wanted to start Suarez, which I think is smart, to ensure he's fresh for the league matches. Morgan or Yessil would seem the most likely candidates so we'll wait and see.

      But I have to say think some are a bit harsh on Borini. We are barely into October and some are talking about how hard it will be to sell him on. Sorry but have some learnt nothing about the need to bed in, especially for younger players. I'll just say the name Lucas and let you figure out the rest on your own.

      The lad has had a tough run with the luck, but hopefully it will give a youngster the chance to step up, and in the meantime Borini hopefully can settle into the city and the club as he works on his fitness, and hopefully comes back in a mouth or so ready to prove many people wrong.

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      • I don't think there's any question, at least in my mind, who's now first choice on the bench and 1st choice in the cup/Europa matches where Suarez doesn't start.. Yesil.. has to be and not just because I'm a fan..

        As noted earlier in this thread, he's got 4 goals and 2 assists with Germany with one more match to play in his 2 international breaks.. You can say well it's U-21 or whatever, and I'll just say, Klose, Podolski, Kroos, Mueller, Schurrle, and whenever fit, obviously Gomez.. not names any 18-19 year old is likely to surpass ..

        I watched the WBA cup match, and he put in a real deal 80"+ shift, flashed a header wide and was constantly in or around final ball delivery, and dangerou positions. He's also not a small boy, being 6 feet. He's spent only limited time with our reserves, but Borrell was quoted as calling him "a fox in the box" saying he was constantly putting them home, or in the area with his limited time there..

        I don't think we can even call Suarez that type of player, though I'm not making any comparison of the 2.. I also don't think Morgan has been good enough when he has played to leap ahead despite Yesil not having as much time in England or at LFC... it should just be better player and that's all..

        Just another thought to ponder... Shelvey has been very good at getting to the edge of the box, and/or inside the box to take shots and even score like he did with his header vs Udinese, so as I've hinted, perhaps we tweak the 4-3-3 so it shapes up just a bit like 4-2-3-1 with the same movement and ball play, but perhaps Shelvey takes on a much more advanced role and plays similar to what Clint Dempsey has done..

        I have no vested interest, nor do I expect to win any points in it, but I think the criticism of Borini is extremely harsh.. I think aside from the 60" ish he put in vs Udinese, he hasn't even played in 3 matches, and once Rodgers has stopped using him wide in favor of Sterling/Suso/Assaidi, his involvement has been very little.. He's clearly not going to be moved on, so I think we should toss out that notion, and whether 10M is a bust or not is TBD, and I won't defend him because I have no stats or reason to do, just saying this is very typical of how some players treated, and the irony is, we (not me) would give Andy Carroll another 15 years to "come good".. by then, pigs will fly planes..

        I do have to point out in Borini's defense, what I think I'd had mentioned before, is that he's a human, a young one, not a robot, and he said he's changed clubs 5 times in 4 years, and moved 7 times in 6 years.. Does that excuse him from not hitting the ground running, no, but is it something any normal being could struggle with mentally, in addition to being 21 years old.. um YES. And again, he was not a good beneficiary of Rodgers early doors formation with him playing wide, where he clearly does not fit..

        Let's drop him for now, since he's injured anyways, focus on what we do have and hopefully he comes back better for it..

    • I wont hide my lack of disapointment. Borini has been a bit poop since he signed, definitely a case of 'trying to hard'. Maybe that time off will allow him to aclimatise of the pitch and also take some pressure off him when he does return. I think he will have a new start and in 3 months time, his poor beggining will be a fleeting memory.

      More then anything I think this will cement Sterlings place in the side and hopefull create an opening for Assaidi to bring his game on playing on the wing. We may see more of Cole now and possibly Downing too. Reckon you could be right about Yesil, Morgan or Pacheco now getting time from the bench.

    • I agree on Borini he has,nt done it , and the two you mention could get an extended run, Its times like this that you need your big players to show , and the defence stays together . Tough times indeed.