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  • Hobitez Hobitez Oct 17, 2012 14:04 Flag

    Team to face Reading?

    With the leagues most prolific long ballers coming to Anfield on the weekend it should provide a very contrasting game. The Pog is definitely a threat for Reading, his conversion rate is something we can only dream about in the last year or so! I think they are pretty weak at the back though, They all look championship standard across the defence. The biggest tests will come on the wings with Kebe blisteringly fast, you would think there would be space to play with BR liking the fullbacks to play high.

    First 'must win' game of the season anyone?!


    Subs: Jones, Wisdom, Carragher, Shelvey, Cole, Yesil, Downing

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    • Hey Colin mate..

      Good info to know, I didn't know that, and had not actually been able to see the Morocco scoreline amongst the rest, when I try to at least follow some match casts, if I can't watch them on tv here. Anyways, that's good news for him and us, so also a good problem to have.

      I suppose the question begs, do we include him and push Suso out of the line up with Sterling right, or does he supplant Sterling? The one thing, well actually 2 things I can say: both Sterling (him in particular) and Suso have been magnificent in their work rate, pressing, and tracking back to make challenges and win the ball, and we haven't seen quite enough of Assaidi in Red just yet, or at least that I can recall, to remember if he's shown that, though he certainly will.. The other thing is, (although Suso close on that Gerrard goal vs City) Sterling has 1 assist between the two of them combined so far, and Assaidi could have notched several in his match vs West Brom. I'm not harping on stats, but an assist means a goal, so that gives alot of merit to an honest choice dilemma if all 3 are fit..

      So, we have to guess, does he still become our first sub, or push one of them out? I'd presume Sterling is more or less a fixture now, Suso ever improving but maybe still the pension for something extravagant instead of simple, not always a bad thing, but not always necessary..

      Again, tough, but good dilemmas for Rodgers to have, and it feels as if the goals burden on Suarez decreases a bit if others pick up the ball and do something with it, in addition to our strong midfield..

      This all excites me really..

    • Jqson:::Assaidi was superb for his national side Morocco v Mozambique the other night in their Africa Nations Cup Qualifier...it was a mUST win game for Morocco having lost away 0.2 they needed a 3 cleaqr goals victory and got it with a 4.0 result...every good chance originated with some work from Assaidi...I think its well worth starting this lad ! Think hes the type of fast wide man with a box of tricks who could be the best provider for Suarez .

    • I think Brendan hates Doni, I know he is poo but you dont even see pictures of him in training or anything!

      I see Morgan scored a double for the U21's, the Pacheco curler was a nice effort too. Think it was a case of "Are you watching Brendan?!"

    • They are weak in central defence. I can never remember the name of teh blond haired chap but he lacks pace and is struggling in the PL from what I've seen.

      They're pretty solid in the middle of midfield though, so you need to go round them. And you're righ the Pog only needs half a sniff but if you can compress them back into their own half he'll be restricted to handling long stuff which is not his game.

      I see you've got Enrique in there and Assaidi. The rest seems a shoe in somehow. Wisdom still deserves a run I think. His extra oomph will be useful and Johnson does have the pace to deal with Kebe on our left, provided he's diligent.

      A run for Yesil perhaps? here's a Noo Noo Pink Custard proposal

      Wisdom---------Skrtel---- Agger---------Johnson

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      • More of the same from me like Colyn.. you could actually make a strong case that aside from Suarez, Allen and Skrtel, Wisdom has been the most consistent player we've had in his outings.. I'm actually quite stunned because it seemed he was struggling a bit to get his head above the water in reserves as a CB, and right now, I don't think you can take away RB from him.. If/when Kelly is fit, should be a real battle.. And, I like Glen at LB.. same defender but offers a real threat cutting in with his curlers on the right boot and good enough crosser with the left to keep it in play, and inside the stadium (sorry Jose)

        I think Skrtel in particular was magnificent in bullying Crouch, which in theory isn't that hard, but he usually manages to win some flick ons no matter who marks him, and I can't recall a single one, though Pob is a much more well rounded player.. Which adds value to Wisdom for when he could be needed in the box.. Not sure Assaidi has done enough to surplant Suso, not yet anyways, though I love the surprise call for Yesil, probably see him used for Carling Cup and Europa


        Dudek, Carra, Jose, Yesil, Jonjo, Assaidi, Downing (or Hendo)