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  • Hobitez Hobitez Oct 17, 2012 14:08 Flag

    Fernando Torres on LFC

    Just thought I would bump this along for anyone who missed it, doesn't want a Michael Owen style image?!


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    • Yeah, well, that was what my last but one post was about.



    • I think we need to hug this out Robert..

    • Blimey.

      First you call me arrogant, pompous and Napoleon.

      I then write the most apologetic and humble post I have ever written on a bulletin board ever, and your response is to tell me it is a fact I am arrogant and think fit to advise me how to behave on this board. Do you own it or something?

      Others can and will decide on my qualities. But maybe you should pause to reflect on who in the last few posts is more deserving of the "arrogant" label.


    • Robert,

      Believe me, I'm fully aware of how, when and why you say things and in what manner you do.. That said, please note, I have not taken anything too seriously, nor anymore than anyone should do for a forum and thread that did not have terrble words/insults/topic etc.

      That said, who am I to suggest you not continue to use your mannerisms and sayings? Taking that into consideration, I don't know what goes on in the other forums and threads, but I can say that in my opinion, we have several extremely intelligent, measured and well spoken (despite some grammar) here, and the fact that (let's just be honest) you are an arrogant person who chooses to approach many things in the manner of your choice, can be viewed as demeaning .. That much can be interpreted easily whether it be a piece of paper, or on the computer screen, and while I was actually enjoying and laughing at your post, and then while typing my reply, others might not particularly share my enthusiasm to retaliate without batting an eyelash..

      Talking down, is talking down.. You're perfectly capable of having all sorts of competent discussions here, but even with your "flippancy", you play that card a little too much, which actually short changes yourself. I'd imagine your a successful person in your career and family life, but your act would go over better if used less..

      Anyways, much like Liverpool, on the final notable play, and what I consider a winning goal, despite anyone saying there was some sort of foul by Coates, robbing us, you were equally robbed in a terrible call on non other than our favorite, Fernando Torres. That was a terrible call, he was fouled and went to ground, and that yellow clearly changes the outcome playing with 9 men, in addition to the goal being offsides, easily seen by the naked eye. I obviously have no disagreement with Ivanovic..

      So I'd imagine were in 100% agreement there, and mutually disgusted with our respective results, and with what I would call a "typical" Utd outcome, just missing Mr. Howard Webb.. To sum up the day for me, I can only say I'm disgusted with the results, not performances.

    • Jason, I apologise. You take my flippancy more seriously than it is intended.

      There are times on this board when I am serious, and times when I am not serious. While it is obvious to me which is which, and I hope it is to the esteemed residents, I note that my words (in every forum) are often misunderstood and meanings read which weren't intended. This is plainly a serious imperfection in my prose.

      I won't give up the flippancy. The problem is I get bored quickly and flippancy is a way of keeping me interested. You may want to respond by not taking my posts as seriously. If it's any help I once noticed that the flippancy tends to come at the end of a post, although that's not true of this thread.

      Have a good day. Let's hope we're three points better off at the end of it, eh?


    • I'm not sure if it was lack of proper vision, refusing to accept the obvious, doing your best in futility, or just a sad reality that you did not see / still do not seem to recall, the avatar I put up immediately after the win at Stamford Bridge, seeing Daniel Agger elbow Torres in the face, knocking him to the ground. Your ability to see it for what it is / was, might still be in question to this day, unless of course it was in attempt to spin the table, wanting us to pretend we've fallen victim to a "successful" tease or wind up..

      I think you seem to also lack the realization that aside from being your own biggest fan, you've embelished a few things in your previous statement..

      Is there really a thread started about Daniel Sturridge every week here (I suppose you, who spends more time here than many Liverpool fans would know the answer)? I won't go and check, and while his name comes up frequently, myself included, when discussing strikers, I can't recall, (probably has been done by resident sofa) a thread started with his name as the title.

      Do we really have a collection, or obsession with your rejects? I guess you didn't value Steve Clarke's work alongside the former beloved..? As for Cole, well I'm pretty sure that after Uncle Roy got the sack, Kenny and now Rodgers have both made it clear he wasn't in any plans (see loan to Lille, see this year's inability to put on a kit), then of course Glen Johnson... Ah yes, I remember.. He was on the market from Portsmouth, both Chelsea and Liverpool were in for him, and he acknowledge such, but said there was only 1 decision. Was it made in retaliation, perhaps, was it the wrong one, perhaps. And yes of course, Borini was a massive Chelsea reject, being one of their best reseve players as a teenager, but as I also recall reading, they very much wanted to keep him, but were unable to. Quite the group of rejects (Cole most certainly, without question)

      Ironically, in more recent memory, 3 players named Fernando Torres, Raul Meireles, and Yossi Benayoun, all went the other way to a club named Chelsea.. Yossi is plying his trade on loan for the 2nd straight year now at West Ham, Raul Meireles is making his case to be on the shortlist for the Ballon d'Or while tearing the Turkish league apart, and of course Torres would never get pushed aside, and if/when Falcao moves to London.. (insert any other 30M+ name you like there)

      As for the word fantasize (spelling), it's a bit creepy, but in assuming some us know what you meant about "picking up" your players, where "wanting" would suffice, in reference to the likes Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Marin etc., which we coud not. While there was talk of Drogba, Anelka and Kalou, none ever close to realistic, or materializing.

      I'm glad you're flattered, because your arrogance, or as Sean ice man Evertonian put it, pompous, comments/rhetoric here, prove to be very funny and predictable, Napoleon.

      But hey, all you need in life is just 1 fan..

    • I meant it originally as a mild tease. But every successful tease has an element of truth in it and the more you deny it the more true I think it is. Jason, you've told us you have numerous Torres shirts including Chelsea ones and IIRC you even had him in a Chelsea shirt as your avatar once.

      And then you have to recognise that your club is becoming the Chelsea tribute act filling up with our rejects. Not content with Joe "GiL" Cole and Glen Johnson you scour the world for others who've not made it at SB. Steve Clarke, BR, Borini. And you fantasise about picking up players of ours if they can't get in the team. There must be a thread on here every week about Daniel Sturridge. But I suppose it's been a while since there were any Mourinho threads.

      It's very flattering in a way.


    • I agree with that but suppose part of what I was saying is that some rivalries are temporary while others last. As a kid I saw Forrest as a rival as another English club trying to dominate Europe but that is now history. Whether Chelsea v Liverpool will endure time will tell.

    • Dave,
      I didn't take for anything more than I can throw it.. I was simply asking Robert if he truly means/believes it, continues to throw it about along with some other comments as a wind up, or if in fact, perhaps he associates with some folks, or lives in an area where he might actually get that impression.. EVEN perhaps he may feel that by 1 or 2 people here are "obsessed" which I would highly disagree with, exception being sofachair and maybe someone else that doesn't come to mind..

      For me is Chelsea a rivalry, yes. Do I look at that fixture and the reverse when I see the schedule come out more than most others, yes, do I go out of my way worrying about it/them, or consider it anywhere near that of Everton, NO and I don't even have to explain where I rank it as far as the Utd rivalry. But, some teams do have more than 1 rivalry, often 2.. I'd say it's fair to consider it, though at present time we are not at their standard, but then again, that doesn't deteriorate any true rivalry..

      Fail Madrid has Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and for the life of me the 3rd escapes my mind.. Milan and undestanding more through my next door neighbor has 3.. Obviously Inter above all else, then Juventus and Napoli. And, Napoli have their own local rivalry, but they absolutely detest Juventus, and then dislike AC Milan mutually, just not as severe as Juve..

    • Jason I think the "obsessed with Chelsea" line is a bit overstated. Yes for a period there in the CL it was a rivalry I think both clubs and sets of fans enjoyed, but through the years there are plenty of other rivalry's that I think eclipse it.

      For me growing up in the late 70s early 80s the club I always hated was Forrest and Brian Clough (although have grown to admire what he did). The of course, and maybe more for the locals, and those who came of age in the late 80s there is the rivalry with Everton which should be considered at least as great (for me much greater) than the couple years of direct competition with Chelsea. But for me, the biggest was and will always be the rivalry with Utd that takes the pinnacle.

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