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  • Jason Jason Oct 18, 2012 16:50 Flag

    Very Early Doors ...

    Very much too early to start this stuff, but some of you know this is my favorite aspect of the game outside of the game itself, well not the rumors, but the actual studying of players and leagues.. While it is very very early for this, (or is it?) outside of some randoms that I particularly rate/watch, and will talk about despite never coming, at least now anyways, I think there are some scenarios that seem be very crystal clear and just a matter of time, and "do we" or "do we not"..

    That said, I was reading some Europe news last night, and of course the usual bs stuff came up, but I put more thought into it, and with regards to 2 players in specific, so I think this could lead up to a fun debate without going crazy on a whole list of players... Ironically both of these names have such tremendous pros and cons that it could be a flip of a coin, as far as "wanting" one or the other..

    Sturridge.. Clearly not in any type of plan, either short term or long term for Chelsea, and I've seen mostly every Chelsea match, seemingly w/ Torres playing almost full 90" (sigh..) and can hardly remember if Daniel has played more than 30 minutes all season.. Perhaps a Chelsea fan will stumble upon this blog and provide that info since I don't feel like looking it up.. Anyways, I think the writing is on the wall, he doesn't like RDM, RDM doesn't seem to fancy him, and he will never play central unless it's just time wasting or mopping up. That said, when he plays and plays well, he can be ultra exciting and has shown some lovely finishes.. a couple of backheel flicks come to mind, I think once for team GB and perhaps vs QPR .. and he also plays with a confidence and swagger which I think is a good thing.. I guess I don't think he has too many downsides only maybe that he seems a tiny bit tempermental, and patchy, but again not his fault for being in and out. Plus, we (here) were led to believe FSG was 100% ok with purchasing him over Dempsey or anyone else, so you add in Rodgers, and the scenario he could get his shot in the middle and the only real down side is maybe you don't jump out of your chair..?

    Second... a Mr. Theo Walcott.. I can't count the amount of times I've made fun of him, called him an idiot or been baffled by poor decisions, as well as hearing that from Arsenal fans, one in particular.. Piers Morgan on national tv.. that said, he's actually fallen to almost 6th choice behind Podolski, Giroud,Gervinho, Oxlade and Carzola.. all capable of playing anywhere in a front 3 or support.. On his day, absolutely electrifying with his speed and some terrific finishes as well, BUT terribly inconsistent on the right side.. This is what makes me hesitant because Rodgers fancies 2 footed, inverted skilled players on his wide sides, which Theo isn't, however, he's still 23 and is absolutely (by all accounts anyways) determined to play centrally.. While not the ideal Center Forward, in our system, with alot of focus on finishing, could you imagine our build up play, and being flanked by Suarez and Sterling/Suso, and being able to latch on to a through ball from Gerrard/Sahin/Allen/Jonjo ? It's absolutely too good to think about, in regards to our style.. He has still not signed his new contract, and can't be happy right now, with a supposed tag of 12M..

    For me, just sticking to these 2, who are going to be the likely and most popular names, in addition to being British, I have a hard time choosing, but, if you told me Walcott could finish like he did in his last CL performance, and on his day, while doing it through the center.. I simply could not say NO..

    Thoughts? (My obscure European list of names will come later.. my real job is asking too much time of me, how dare they!)

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    • Tough choice between these two. I know many would want to add additional names, but think it’s a good exercise to look at the pros and cons of these two, even if others do enter the frame.

      First off both are British, and while we are still in good shape in terms of our quota of home grown players not a bad idea to add to it.

      Second young, and therefore likely to be part of the squad for many years to come potentially. That fits the FSG model, and even if they don't work out, I'd expect both to have a significant sell on value.

      Third both have prem experience, which puts them one up on a foreign import coming in.

      My concerns for both are that they both want to play centrally which is in part causing issues at their current clubs and making them more likely to be off in January. While we need a backup striker (especially with Borini out) I don't see either getting a principle role centrally if Suarez is fit. The good news is that both can also play very effectively wide, not so much as wingers, but as the wide player in a 3 man front. The question is either willing to take that role as their primary position and as central striker only for cup games or for back up.

      Additionally I have to ask can we afford them. Crass question and I'd hope we can, but would question if we're in the market for either, why did we not go for them over the summer. Rumor was we wanted Sturridge on a loan, was that because we could not afford him on a permanent basis, because Chelsea did not want to sell at that time, but might have entertained a loan, or perhaps (and I'm only guessing here) the deal fell through over the summer because we wanted a loan while Chelsea would have preferred a sale.

      Of course things have changed now from the summer. With no Carroll and Borini out until most likely the end of Janurary or maybe longer, we need to bring in someone, and unless results really pick up, I think the owners and BR will have a come to Jesus moment and find there is a little spare change to be found, at least I hope so.

      On balance I think I'd go for Sturridge myself. Walcott on his day can be great, but not always consistent. I also worry if the Arsenal man is maybe a little one dimensional; blistering speed yes, but can he be a fox in the box? Which leads me to the last point, is he technical enough for our system?

      Sturridge to me is a less known quantity as honesty I've just not seen as much of him as I have Walcott. However he strikes me as a better technical player. He also seems more of a natural center forward who can play wide, while Walcott is more a natural winger who wants to play centrally. We need a player who can interchange across the front 3, is willing to play a role for the squad, but is ready to lead the line when his time comes. For me on balance I'd have to give Danny the nod.