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  • Jason Jason Oct 19, 2012 22:29 Flag

    Nuri Sahin Scenario..

    Obviously something we don't necessarily have to worry about for some time, but I certainly think it is well worth thinking about or noting.. His future with LFC..

    In all the initial Sahin rumors and when I said he was definitely coming on loan, I also said I don't believe a word of anything Joselina says, unless he's talking Barcelona which makes him hover on the border of lunacy, but in that, he said there was no chance of Sahin staying permanently.. I didn't buy that statement whatsoever..

    3 reasons, Brendan Rodgers a good friend / understudy, Sahin having a say in the matter, and Madrid's roster of CM or Central attackers - Khedira, Xabi (still capable of several years), Diarra, Modric, Essien, Ozil, Kaka and even Coentrao sometimes plays there.. Sahin will always find it extremely difficult to have a regular spot over any of them, especially considering Khedira and Ozil are both very young and fantastic players, and then you have Modric still a young lad, with the others older but very capable

    Having said that, and the point of the post is that Joselina came out today and said what I had thought all along, that Sahin would be available to us for sale, but at what cost.. that's the question.. He paid 7 something (in the link below) and presuming Sahin continues to improve and play as he has done, he seems capable of 10 goals or more, in addition to becoming a key to our club.. So, how much does his cost go up..? 10M, 15M, not crazy figures, but we'll have to see.. And I know some will say don't waste the money or over consider it with Shelvey, but I would say he's only 3 years older and is far more proven, and Shelvey seems like he's more of our future Gerrard, while Sahin is that smooth, elogant play maker with a lovely left peg.. Just something worth reading and pondering.. (I'd probably entertain selling Henderson to raise the funds, and make Spearing a sale as well)

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    • He is a nice fluid and graceful player, if anything a bit soft. When you play in midfield with Lucas Leiva, you can get away with it! I hope we make the move permanent, I feel we have enough in the middle of the park to contend for the title, its just a left back and 2 strikers away from a very good side!

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      • I'd hope we make it permanent, and there is a chance, because I can't see him ever getting into the Real Madrid side. He seems an elegant steady eddie, less likely to grab headlines than others, but able to be incisive and keep the game ticking in our favour, whilst chipping in with the odd goal. I like him. As always it'll be a financial decision, and we'll need to sell to buy. So it will depend on who we can sell, how much for, and if there are any other positions that need securing before we focus on Sahin and the CM area.