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    Suarez against Reading.

    Looking at luis play today and missing as many chances as our number 1 striker often does an idea popped into my head I wonder how many chances Suarez would waste if we had descent competition for him who could knock in goals for fun, could we see a vast improvement in him? same could be said with Reina.

    Its getting so hard too see us struggle to get results againt relegation fodder when luis is wasting so many chances.

    We could have easily come away with nothing yet again today at home against Reading.

    Really dont want to sound too negative but it really is time for Suarez to do better.


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    • People have got to get off Suarez back over his chance conversion thing. He knows he could do better but he gets in all these great positions and it all comes from his hardwork and determination. I do think sometimes he is so pumped up that he is too excited to think calmly. This guy is our no.7 and a no.7 he is. Tormenting and creation is his game, he's scored 5 goals in 8 games. The problem is us not having a no.9 and also our other attackers not scoring goals. In 8 league games, Sterling, Suso, Downing, Cole, Assaidi, Borini and anyone else who has played in a front 3 have totalled the 1 goal between them. That is the problem. He is already, easily our best player and has been our best player in every game this season, if he scored all the chances he created he would score more then Messi and Ronaldo!

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      • I almost completely agree. Suarez has 5 goals in the league. That is exactly 1 goal behind the joint league leaders.

        So why is he so bad in some people’s minds?

        Suarez not only has the majority of the goals we've scored so far this season, he's also responsible directly or indirectly for the vast majority of the chances we've created. Yes he's missed a few of those chances he's created, but many of them have been missed by others, some of who you'd expect to score but have yet to open their accounts so far.

        A new number 9 might help (as a backup plan for Suarez), but to be honest I don't see a single new player being the answer. A new number 9 has to replace someone who is currently playing, and I don't see an out and out striker taking over from our most creative player.

        Instead I'd like to see a better contribution from the support players who should be chipping in and are not. Some of them are very young, and or new to the club, so I'd be patient, but at some point if the question is who do we get in to score goals, replacements for those who play wide or behind Suarez should be in order.

      • I dont want to sound like im knocking Suarez, I wouldnt swap him for any other player in the league I just hope he can adapt his game and will do so as soon as the burden of being our only true striker is lifted by quality reinforcements in January.


    • I know full well that we'll never see Falcao in a red shirt. All I'm saying is that he has the type of personality we need alongside Suarez. Not some "yes man". A player that tells him "give me the ball..............NOW!"

    • Forget Falcao it will never happen, we cant afford him and he wont play for anyone outside the Champs League, same for Cavani sorry to burst the bubble Jason =(

      David Villa or Klass Huntlaar would be my favorites again not too sure they would come but giving them the heads up to become our main strike force may well swing it in our favor.

      I would litteraly be too excited having Sterling and Suarez playing of either those two. Can only dream nice thoughts lol.

      We desperatly need someone of there quality as weve missed it since El Numero Nino Nacho left for chav land bridge.


    • I've said it before Suarez need a dominant figure alongside him to show him who is boss up front. At the moment he thinks he needs to do everything himself and you're right with your concerns about the likes of Sterling and Suso. They will either disappear inwards or just start to ignore him. Both are bad for the side.

      No say for example (Dream world) we got Falcao. He wouldn't stand for Suarez doing what he's doing and he'd tell him too. the liklihood is tat Suarez would listen as well. Watch the difference then.

      Trick is how to buy Falcao or similar for very little cash.

    • It is just not only that Suarez is not converting the billion chances that he is getting or creating but I feel that the bigger problem is that he is turning our strike force into a one man show. Whilst everyone else is doing the tiki taka, the same rules dont seem to apply to Luis as he does whatever he wants when he gets the ball. I am not saying that he should not take on defenders as he is brilliant at it but that he should choose his moments. There were a few times during the game where he was taking on defenders and completely ignoring team mates who were unmarked much to the dismay of Sahin in particular. However a few times Suarez berated Sterling for opting to take a shot instead of passing to him, if this continues then the youngsters will eventually get demoralised and inhibit their play out of fear of upsetting Luis. Brendan has to be firm with him and tell him to be more of a team player and be less individualistic, though I doubt that will happen out of fear of upsetting the ONE striker that we have, what with his fiery temperament and all.

      I agree with you Colin, January has got to be finding a striker who WILL bang in the goals, a proven goal scorer and not one for the future or with potential.

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      • Agree with all of that and I think the game yesterday Suarez was having one of his better pass the ball in the final third games when he set up Sterling for his goal but even his better games hes still extremly selfish.

        And why oh why can Suarez score what looks like realy hard and complicated shots and then end up skying complete sitters, the commontator said the same that he did all the hard work diagonly passing 2-3 defenders like our boy can do then shooting straight to there goalee and blowing it simply cause he didnt look up and use his great footballing brain.

        I wouldnt lay the blame completely at Suarezs feet as Glen Johnson did the same, almost like once in a blue moon does that guy score a goal but gets himself plenty of chances but again being very negative and again I will defend the critique on knowing the lads can do better and must do better as a better team than Reading would have and could of knocked at least 5 by my count past a very good in my opioun Brad Jones.

        Positives of the match brad Jones who i just mentioned kept a clean sheet for us somthing Pepe is really struggling with, young Andre Wisdom looks to be developing into a fine right back although still young and capable of a cock up, Sterling who got us the 3 points was again amazing, and finaly as soon as Enrique came on the left side looked much more threatening which was great to see.


    • Yes all true we need that man who knows where the onion bag is and in truth ..we dont have him . All goes back to the chaotic admin screw up during the transfer window. Lets hope the admin is now on the ball and doesnt leave it till end of Jan transfer window to rectify the problem by bringing that goalscoring striker in ...They should as good as have the fee arranged salary negotiated and only thing left is for the signature on the contract and the ink to dry ...NOW ! Bringing something like Borini in for another 10 mill aint going to do a damned thing about this problem of a lack of goals..break the feckin bank and get CAVANNI !!!...then watch us roar up the League table and snatch that ECLC place.