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  • Not knocking the lads , not ever giving up on our Reds , but good lord please put out the coin for someone to compliment Suarez. These close matches wouldn't be close. 1 clinical finisher please.

    John Henry , this is not an expendature , this is an investment in the future. Surely you see the wisdom of this , sir.

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    • If I was Brendan I would be making Pepe text David Villa every night, He would be the absolute dream.
      Need a striker?
      Spains all time goal scorer?
      Want to play like Barcelona?
      20 goals a season for 7 years sound ok?
      Unhappy playing second fiddle? (ahem, to the best player the world has ever seen)

      It might not be possible but there are plenty of reasons to explore the option for sure, a loan deal is a distinct possibility.
      After that there is Llorente and Huntelaar, I wouldnt even bother looking lower down the list till they are all exhausted.

    • I'm not so sure about keeping him happy. It was discussed briefly last night on our Monday Night Club radio programme. He rightly should be asking why he seems to be behind the pecking order to Balotelli at the moment. If he starts this next CL game then fair enough but I cannot see any logival reason why Bolotelli should play in front of him. Unless of course we think of football as the WWE. Balotelli would be prime time there.

      We'll see but I agree that we'll be looking elsewhere probably, whether Dzeko stays or goes.

    • Hey Loki,

      We've actually mentioned Dzeko's name a couple of times in another thread, and I think several of us were in agreement, though of course that means nothing, that he won't really be viable for us..

      I don't remember the exact sum, but I think he cost somewhere around 27M. Granted he is 2 years older now, but I don't think that value has decreased one bit, maybe 25M at best. If he were to move, it would be like you say, to Germany, or perhaps La Liga. Remember, he is part of the reigning EPL champions, and while they could sell him, he doesn't necessarily have to agree to sign. I think he's an absolutely amazing striker, just outside that top tier of 10 elite in the world or Europe..

      I can't see anyway Mancini would sell him after the immense goals he's scored so far this season, but also at the end of last term, including 88th min equalizer for the come back win over QPR to win the Title. He brings something totatlly different to their team, and EPL all together. He has incredible movement, and skill for being that size, and may be the best in the air, and is prolific with both feet. I just don't see them selling him at all..

      Also, any sale is under the pretense City are looking to upgrade in their front "4" (ridiculous as that sounds) and would probably move Balotelli of the 4.. But they wouldn't get Falcao in return.. The financials wouldn't work. Dzeko is a game changer and a match winner..

      I think if we are looking for that type of player, Llorente would be it, though I worry his tag gets inflated in January and he's already 27 going on 28, not that means too much, but it's something to consider..

      I love the Dzeko idea, would have in in a second in red, just absolutely cannot see it, especially don't see him being sold within the EPL where he could damage City, AND (while I predict they go out in favor of Madrid and Dortmund) they are still hanging on, with it all to do in CL, as well as Carling Cup, Fa Cup. Mancini seems to do well enough keeping all 4 happy (or at least taking their money when they're not)

    • I think you might want to add Dzeko to your list Jase. I think the lad has it all, its just a shame Tevez and Aguero are ahead of him. If he's still warming his @rse on the bench come January, we might be able to do some biz with City coz I know he nearly went back to Deutschland in the summer.

    • Unless forced through the exit door, which I can't see happening, if I had to put my money where my mouth is, I don't think Demba Ba goes anywhere. He seems truly happy there, has his close friend and international teammate Cisse, and is more or less revered by the Toon army.. I mean you could put him in the list, I just don't see it..

      Regards to Falcao, City are out.. He will cost a minimum of 45M ish, which they cannot afford based on their willingness to comply with FFP which saw them sell first, and then buy up until the dying minutes of the window in August. Yes, technically they can afford to toss out the 45M, but they wouldn't get more than 15-20 for Balotelli, and no more than 20ish for Dzeko, then there are wages to match, and considering Falcao is in the 3 man debate for best out and out striker in the Europe with Cavani and Rvp, do you really see him having any interest in a 3-4 man rotation circus? Nope, no way..

      Chelsea on the other hand shed themselves of upwards of 50-60M in wages this summer through release and sales of the likes of Drogba, Anelka, Meireles, Alex, Bosingwa, Essien etc etc, and so they could technically afford the 45M, turn around and sell Sturridge and another player or two and slot him right in with wages to pay.. Then of course they have the Torres dilemma, which could always become a twist but I'll leave that lone for now..

      So back to the list, that's why I have it how I do, and I'm not sure I see Falcao going anywhere especially with Atletico 2nd in La Liga table comfortably, with only 1 loss, and a league where he can shine along with Messi and Crissy, while scoring 40+ goals without breaking a sweat or having much competition..

      I think he'd do just fine in the EPL but don't see it happening just yet..

    • Its imperative that the owners get the money on the table for a PROVEN world class striker not some 10 mill muppet like Borini.
      No admin cock-ups in Jan ! The admin should have by now already done their job identified their man and got the deal sealed wages and all just the signing of contract to take place soon as transfer window opens none of this dicking around till last hour of transfer window only to see it all go horribly wrong yet again ! We are in desperate need of a clinical striker along the lines of Dear Old Robbie...speaking of which why cant we bring him in as a stop gap right now wed be seeing an immediate change for the positive in goal differential !
      We have to have someone capable to play up alongside Suarez...

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      • Nobody knows for sure, and I think I'm going to keep my mouth, or fingers shut when the time comes in the event I feel privvy to any information come January, from John Henry himself, when I go to his house for Holiday dinner, but here's a list and some thoughts to start with:

        Sturridge - I think he is most likely assuming Chelsea add. It was strongly suggested here that FSG fancied him most (& okay'd the buy but never happened obviously), based on several things, like age, skill, high ceiling, and value

        Walcott - As devasting as he can be, not sure he quite fits the system, nor a center forward who'd be more consisten than Suarez, though his pace and finishing when on, are impossible to overlook..

        Llorente - Think there will be all sorts of stories surrounding him, and anyone could make the strongest case for him based on his size, strength, being quite clinical and having shown what he can do in the EPL vs United, however I see his value maybe going too high in Jan and it may depend on where we're at, since he knows he's in demand.

        *Damaio - For me, we should be ALL CHIPS IN for Leandro Damaio. He's 23, a starting striker for Brazil, a strong lad, good with both feet, good aerial presence, still getting better and could represent what we had done with Torres at about the same age. It was suggested in the summer his tag was 15-16M, but then that any move would be off until January (unless that changes). That said, Spurs have been linked forever, and I know AVB will be after him, or think anyways, so for me all things considered, he's our man. He may go up to 20M, but I think it would be a world class investment..

        I'll call it a draw for now on those 4, though I have a few other ideas of who we might literally be looking at, and of course my own list of others I'd like us to. But I think general concensus would suggest these 4 are the popular ones to be linked..

        In order of the 4, I'd go: Damaio, Llorente, Sturridge, Walcott, and guessing if it came down to the 4, we end up with Sturridge and then a mystery name from Rodgers hidden files, like Assaidi and Yesil were..