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  • Jason Jason Oct 20, 2012 23:15 Flag

    How about a well done?

    So I'll start off in a bizarre manner, though I'm imagining some may think the same... We did not play very well over the whole of the game, outside of our chance creation in the final 3rd with the consistent, inconsistency up there. BUT, a well taken, well done to Sterling on his first LFC league goal..

    I think that was one of our more uninspired performances of the season, however, we heard the players and Kenny say it last year, we need to find a way to win some ugly matches. I wouldn't say it was ugly, because it was quite open and end to end, a bit too open for my liking, but I certainly think it could say it was a hard fought, well earned 3. I've lost count of how many times we lost, or drew that type of game last year, particularly at home, and so I think as the pressure/time added up, our back 4 and Jones really did their job..

    We could have, should have (redundant by now) won 5-0, Suarez at his impeccable, wasteful best, but still managed to be electric and unplayable as usual, so we really just need to find a finisher.

    I still say well done, because I really had that heart dropping feeling from last season waiting for the goal to come, rather than putting it to bed, but at the end of the day it's 3 more points, we're up 3 places, and 3 points off Arsenal.. just to put teams/things in perspective (as they lost 1-0 at Norwich, ironic).

    We have some extremely tough fixtures coming up, starting with Anzhi, which I think we should really field a strong team for and try to keep momentum going... We have things to build on, 2 consecutive clean sheets, 2 at home..

    The team by in large part is still very young, and I think it's all about building confidence in addition to experience, and today was just knuckling down and a chance for some others, Yesil, Pacheco, Assaidi to get their chance Thursday and keep it going..

    A win is a win is a win.. 3 pts.. not pretty but well done!

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    • Interesting so you've dropped Suso, Sahan, Assaidi, put JonJo in the stands and decided on just one defender on the bench but no full backs or a keeper. Fair enough but not what I'd go with.

    • dsteer...ok here we go Ithink this is an adventurous line up that could accommodate Andy C up front.
      Wisdom Agger Skrtel Downing
      Johnson Gerrard Allen
      Sterling Carrol Suarez
      subs Suso Sahin Yesil Carra Assaidi Henderson

    • Actually Colin, if you'd read the entire post you would have seen I stated there are other ways of shoehorning Carroll in without it being a 442, I just don't think they are good options. We could keep the current system and put Carroll up top, but that means dropping Suarez or playing him somewhere else, or putting Carroll on the pitch, but not as a center forward.

      But if you can see a different scenario where you can get Carroll on the pitch, and think the starting 11 is better for it, I'd like to see that team sheet and formation.

    • Maybe smoke and mirrors but think it depends on the perspective you look at it from. Being realistic top 4 was as unrealistic last season, as it this season. Top 6 however I think, looking at our relative strength to the teams around us, would be realistic, and should have been last season. Of course we want top 4, and it’s not impossible, but do think we have to be realistic, and since what I'd call the gutting of the squad the last year of Rafa tenure (not blaming him, I put the blame on the previous owners) followed by missteps by uncle Roy, we are where we are.

      But the question for me is not to say its black and white, we competing or failing depending on a top 4 finish, but rather are we taking the right steps toward getting back to the top 4. Its early doors, and who knows what the rest of the season will look like, but at least so far, the fact we are still in touch with all those clubs who will likely be fighting for 4th place, and for me the style of football has greatly improved, I'd say I can at least say I can see green shoots coming up.

    • Come on Robert, when have Chelsea ever parked the bus other than that game against Barca last year. That's one of the reasons why I usualy like watching the Chelsea games on tele down here in WA (as opposed to Wa) :-)

      Mind you, it worked a treat didn't it?

    • You're not an LFC fan so of course you wouldn't be expected to check that young Brad comes from Western Australia and not Washington.
      I admit to stirring the pot a bit with my fellow LFC fans and having the occasional dig at Pep - I have never really rated him as highly as a PL goalkeeper as so many of the other fans do. He just doesn't seem to have the confidence in the air nor the commanding presence in the box that I think is essential for a top class PL goalkeeper - not unlike your own Petr Cech had/has, especially before that awful head injury. I think he was one of Chelsea's best buys in recent history by far.

    • Which was excactly my point, Robert.
      Just because we lift ourselves for particualr matches eg Chelsea and united doesn't mean we are necessarily a "good" side that season.

    • Hey again Dave

      I think you just made the point for me.

      Our expectations last season were a minimum of 4th - the owners said that even winning the other two competitions wouldn't have saved the manager. Now it seems that our expectations have been lowered/managed so that our current start to the season is seen as promising/cause for celebration.

      Smoke and mirrors spring to mind.

    • Colin / Dave..

      If I may.. interject that is.. I don't see reaching a mutual agreement on him, especially right now, so allow me to just make a couple of points and perhaps we can leave him be..at least for now..

      Prior to his injury with Italy, which by the way, was already present in his foot with a crack, that eventually fractured (perhaps something to consider), he had only featured for about 60" something in his last outing, then not played.. We've not even seen him in 3-4 weeks now and he's out until Dec/Jan, so it's really not doing much going back and forth, and to be honest, depending how his foot heals, what happens when Yesil gets a run, and what we do/add in January, may make him quite irrelevant until next season..

      Second, if there's one position that's harder to adjust to than any other outside of perhaps CB, it's striker. So while I do view 21 as young, as does Dave, Colin you view it as old enough, which is objective and an opinion, valid on both ends. Comparing him to Sterling and Suso isn't apples to apples, both are top class prospects and showing the capability of potentially world class players who would be highly in demand. Also, many here, and I'm sure as hell not one of them, still referred to Andy as a kid at 23 and 24, with all the time, excuses and experience in the world by now.. Fabio is not nearly developed physically yet.. spent alot of time moving around in Serie A which is very technical and not physical or fast, so he's not even been settled at 1 club, yet scored 9 for a team who had 5 first choice strikers.. Just a name who I know most hated, or disliked, but that I would have been willing to give another year after what I saw as dramatic improvement after Rafa leaving ironically, was Ngog.. he under WOY as a 21 yo filling in for injured Torres had something like 8 goals in early doors Europa qualifying and a stunner on opening day vs Arsenal down a man when Cole got sent off.. then he get paired in that awful 4-4-2..

      He was never comfortable at our club, always living in the shadow of Torres as a lead the line guy, when we never had proper wingers, and then Roy messed with him, Kenny never used him and he's off at Bolton.. Not saying I want him back, just trying to make a similar reference, only yes Borini cost more, but also will be with us longer because BR isn't going anywhere (for the pessimist at least 2 years) for a while..

      Borini isn't a relevant discussion anymore.. he's out, hardly played when he was last fit, and all along carried a cracked foot.. Why don't we wait until he's back, and maybe he shows some stuff in cups.. 21, playing striker in epl for some players is harder than others.. Lukaku will be a great player for Chelsea one day and he's 19..Sturridge at times looks great and he was just 21, going on 22 (I think?) I'm sure I'm missing others, but you get the point.. it's a spot that involves so many things with more pressure than anywhere else..

    • dsteer..btw I note u say I have made a judgement on 'young Borini'
      YOUNG ? The lad is 21...look at the age of some of our kids making a big impression right now in the starting eleven ???

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