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  • Jason Jason Oct 25, 2012 18:52 Flag

    Very Strong XI


    Jones, Wisdom, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Sahin, Gerrard, Shelvey, Suarez, Assaidi, Downing,

    Gulasci, Yesil, Allen, Sterling, Suso, Carra, Henderson

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    • Jason, agree with you on Suarez. At the moment, he is at his frustrating best, either taking on impossible odds and usually losing out or firing wide of goal. Coupled with a failure to slow down his passes, most of which consist of wayward flics and lobs resulting in a loss of possession etc., I find myself tearing my hair out too much of the time and I don´t think the addition of a striker will cure that. Above all, he MUST be stopped from the appalling theatrics and shows of dissent in every game now. He throws himself down at the slightest of touches appealing for free kicks with the result that refs are virtually excusing every challenge on him fair or not. He is out of control and as I think Mel once said, in danger of becoming a one man show. Come on BR, sort him out with a substitution in favour of Yessil now and again.

      Gerrard too is becoming sloppy both in terms of losing possession and shooting and his body language after the game was poor when he and Downing were interviewed. Not inspiring at all. I feel we play better as a team when he ain´t on the pitch at times. Sahin performs better when he is left to the midfield role on his own I feel and was largely non visible last night.

      Yes, last night was an improvement but there is a long long way still to go imo. Good performances from Jones, Skrtl, Agger, Assaidi, Sterling, Allen, Johnson and Wisdom.

      We´ll need to play with more penetration on Sunday if we want to beat Everton in their current form.

      Hope I am not being too harsh, but we are improving as I said which is very positive.

    • I have to say, while I really do, and always did like BR even while at Swans, if you take out my bias towards him I rarely if ever, disagree with his choices or lineups.. BUT, Yesil needed to at least get 15-20 minutes yesterday even if for nothing else, to provide us with a player who resembles a striker and help with some hold up play..

      While Suarez did not have a good game, he almost scored on a long range effort that would have been quite a goal, that said, he's never going to be one to win the ball and then just content to knock it around or run into the corner for defenders to chase it. Not who he is, and I don't think even god above could make him change.. That said, he could have, perhaps should have been removed, in addition for some rest, but so Yesil could have been on to do just that alone, perhaps get some chances, and most of all for Suarez to see it from another perspective..

      I love Suarez, his passion, and his effort, all are without question, but he can drive me nuts and I'm not sure even Shankly could make him listen once he's on the pitch.. He's even said it himself, he turns into someone / something else

    • Jason....agreed it is progress but have to agree with u on getting Yesil in the middle asap...lovley to se Assaidi looking so confident such assured play this boy is going to create a massive amount of assists if given an extended run. Things starting as u say to look more solid now at the back and lastly credit to Downing for banging that sylish winner in...maybe he is going to come good for us in the end ?

    • And confirmed..

      Guess BR is taking this one far more serious than I had even remotely considered, particularly Agger, Gerrard, and Johnson, with no Enrique..

      Another story for another day, but I just don't see it in the cards for Jose much longer. Same can be said for Cole obviously who could leave yesterday, and perhaps a last chance for Downing.. Too bad Coates misses out.. maybe Robinson too

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      • While I know everyone is watching, as I am too, and not really paying attention to the blogs here, I figured I'd talk to myself and make a comment..

        As usual, we have been the more dominant side in possession, and for the most part have been the better team by a margin, with chances created and some clever build up, BUT, I'm seeing Suarez drifting too far wide and deep putting himself in harm's way from challenges, some good, some bad, but also taking away from his ability to be near the goal

        AND, I have to say something seems to be lacking, and my main guess, since it might not be so apparent, is Joe Allen and his influence in the center winning balls and redistributing forward in split seconds..

        I also know that Downing is on the team sheet, some suggesting he's playing, but I can't say I agree or have seen him..

        I definitely see both Sterling and Suso coming on, and I would like to see Yesil as well, especially if Suarez is going to continue to drift wide. Yesil gives us a real striker option (though still unknown quantity) but a striker, who also has a physical presence..

        That's my halftime analysis to myself.. Cheers Jason talk to you soon..