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  • Loki Loki Oct 25, 2012 22:46 Flag

    Transfer shambles - done us a favour?

    I think that being forced to play the pups in games will make us even stronger in the long run.....and we might be able to spend all our baksheesh on a top quality striker(s) when January comes because we dont really need anything other than box players (at the moment).

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    • Firstly, we obviously had a big disaster in the transfer window in NOT signing a decent striker/finisher. Mind you, we haven't seen BR place the same trust/faith in young Yesil as he has in Sterling yet so who knows, maybe all our prayers have already been answered and we are just waiting on the revelation.
      Having said that, maybe we did do two very good pieces of business in that transfer window after all the hype and hysteria has been put aside.

      I refer to:

      1) moving AC out of the squad, even if it is only temporary.
      Firstly, I don't think he is the wunderkind so many people seem to think he may one day become. If he was that good he would be lighting up the league at West Ham, a place where the manager is positive towards him and their style of play supposedly should suit him right down to the ground. He isn't.
      Secondly, having him at LFC and sitting on the bench gives the players a safety blanket they shouldn't have. They can play "safe" in the knowledge that if they aren't winning using BR's style they can always bring AC on for the last 30 and win the game. This will undermine, imho their committment to possession football. "If it goes pear shaped we just resort to plan B and bring in big Andy to be our hero." Barca don't have a plan B, they commit 110% to their philosophy and it brings them the results in the long run. They don't win every game, few teams ever do and they are celebrated in football folklore if they do.

      2) Imho we may just have dodged a bullet in NOT rushing in to sign Dempsey. Is he a goal scoring machine - like we need? Is he setting Spurts on fire? Is he starting every game at Spurts and regularly being their match winner? THAT is what we need; another Rush. Aldridge, Fowler. Owen. Is that really how you see Clint Dempsey? A NO to any of those queations pretty much means ...

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      • Yesil plays well for his country yet isn't good enough for a regular starting place for us? We're looking for a striker.. yet we have one already at the club in Yesil.. Give Yesil a chance ffs Brendan..

      • and by the way ...
        I don't think Dempsey is a bad player.
        That's NOT why I think we dodged a bullet.
        I see Dempsey as an excellent attacking midfielder and as things are turning out at Anfield another midfielder is just about the last thing we need. Even with Lucas out injured BR is having to juggle at least 4 players into 3 spots with Gerrard, Allen, Sahin and Shelvey all capable of doing a job - although you have to say Shelvey is a bit behind the rest of the pack at this stage.
        When Lucas is fully fit most would expect him to be anchoring the midfield so that then leaves just 2 spots and 4 players.
        Who would YOU leave out to include Dempsey in the starting lineup?
        BR is going to face that exact same problem when/if we do get a finisher in the starting 11. Who gets left out? Suso? Assaidi? Sterling? All seem to now warrant a starting place so whose dream are you going to shatter?
        Who'd be a manager, huh?

    • We had been looking for proper wingers for years and now in Sterling and Assaidi we have 2 incredibly pacey ones, who can really play. With Suso another option, just adding a striker of quality could push Suarez into a wide roaming role and we would be away. A specialist left back will be of long term benefit too with Enrique doing whatever it is he is doing!

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      • Got to agree Hobs. I was impressed with Assaidi last night. First half in particular he and Johnson had the Anzhi defence in a right twist at times. He still has to develop, yes and possibly beef up a bit (not as much as Enrique please) but for the money we paid and what I saw last night it's a big tick in the excellent box.

        See my Pink Custard analysis for more debating fun

    • yes I think so.

      I touched on this some time ago and looking at the way things are going it's done us no harm whatsoever. Quite the opposite I'd say. People are looking and commenting on the excellent young players that are coming through. They are also doing it Brendans way. They bring a hunger that sasoned players may not have anymore.

      In a way it reminds me of a certain "lucky" manager 30 odd miles away that benefitted from a number of top drawer players coming from the youth ranks at roughly the same time. Saved him his job from memory and they've done rather well since. he's still there some 20 something years later and as obnoxious as ever.