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  • Colyn Colyn Oct 26, 2012 16:33 Flag

    Anzhi Macka backa wacka %&^^% but we live in Moscow Pink Custard analysis

    Righto I though I'd post up my thoughts on last nights 1-0 victory against them that pay £350k a week and don't live in the town they call "home". Bit like United moving to Surrey I guess. Their fans arethere after all ;o)


    Yahoo a clean sheet. 3rd in row. Excellent.
    We won! I'd take 1-0 all season to be honest.

    Thoughts, concerns and ideas.

    1. It was a strong side and it seems that Johnson is making his home on the left which is no problem while Wisdom continues to play as he has. Defensively we looked more solid apart from a couple of squeeky bum moments, especially one from Downing.

    2. Cracking goal. Well done Downing.

    3. The midfield looked pretty composed to be honest but to Anzhi's credit they did get a relatively good grasp of Shelvey. He didn't get much room but Gerrard and Sahin kept a good control of the game.

    4. Up front was interesting. Assaidi was excellent on the left. He seems to be quite mature making good choices most of the time (one hospital ball to Johnson springs to mind) and I wouldn't mind if he had a go every now and then. The ability is there, beef up a little and gain alittle more self belief and he could be one dangerous winger. However, he does not in anyway give you a goal threat. He certainly gives you width and the ability to get behind defenses but I don't see him scoring 10+ a season. There's a trade off for Rodgers to consider there.

    Suarez is simply not a centre forward (as we know) period. His movement is such that he is not that target player when it's time for the final ball. He will create chances and probably be on end of some goals but I'd be surprised if he was in position to slot home a cross from 6 yards. He'd probably be the one crossing it.

    He casued them trouble all night at the back but his reputation for going to ground is now costing us. We need that centre forward ASAP, it's there for everyone to see.

    Downing on the right (first half) was anonomous for the majority of the first 45. He's too rigid in maintaining his positon and width and essentially plays himself out of the game. Sterling's introduction changed that with his extra movement he became easier to find, harder to mark and therefore a bigger menace. He should have put Suarez through when we broke second half and I wonder how much of that is niaive confidence or something else.

    Concerns? Yes I have some. Firstly when Anzhi introduced Traore in the second half they got a better foothold in the game which was in part a problem of our own making. We failed to keep hold and control the ball. Secondly on more than one occasion we found our defensive line on our own 18 yard line while the midfield was on the half way line waiting for the clearance. The gap was far too big and when we lost the ball in that area we were in trouble. A better side would have taken advantage. That's been an issue n all our games thus far this season.

    To summarise it was a good and much needed result. Top of our group, YAY and another clean sheet. Still a work in progress and this Sunday will be tough. However Anzhi were not that good a side. They'll give us trouble in the away fixture for sure but they're certainly no Madrid or Barcelona. As a passing note I still think Downing (despite the cracking goal and playing in 2 positions) was our weakest player last night.

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