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  • alby red alby red Oct 28, 2012 11:52 Flag

    Drogba loan?

    According to the sunday papers Rogers will solve out striking crisis by bringing drogba in on loan.

    not sure how i feel about this. i like drogba as a player but it begs the question if drogba can fit into what Rogers' style of play then why couldn't carrol?

    I hope Rogers isn't going to compromise his playing style to get points on the board at the expense of the long term future.

    If we are linked with drogba it kinda smacks of panic and desperation

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    • If it is true then it would be fantastic. I dont think it is true to be honest, I can see him heading for France or even back to Chelsea temporarily in any loan move. It makes sense to us as there is the stigma attatched to value in the January transfer window plus it makes sense to him in terms of not having a great time in China as we ll as keeping playing in the off season.

      Yes, I understand the Carroll thing but its pretty obvious Drogba has better feet and suits a more rotational role. If the contract is torn up as is suggested in some papers then he could be eligible next week! Fingers crossed....and toes.....legs.....eyes!

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      • I doubt he could play next week. You presumably can't just tear up contracts to get around transfer windows. I further doubt he would go to Liverpool. I can't see Liverpool being his first choice English club and I suspect England wouldn't be his first choice country. I'd put money on Marseille or Real Madrid.

        But still, it's jolly entertaining seeing Liverpool fans talking about Drogba without constantly going on about him doing Suarez impressions.

        Here's a thought. FA Cup final this year - Drogba plays 90 minutes and scores one. Carroll plays 30 minutes and scores one and nearly scores another.


      • Yeah I'll believe it when I see it but I agree it makes complete sense. He's dominant and will not tolerate any crap from Suarez. If he doesn' get the ball he'll let him know. He scores goals, all sorts of goals and it makes complete sense. Every man and his dog knows we need a striker at the first available opportunity and will simply put their prices up on top of the already inflated January window prices.

        Yes please

    • Cos Drogba scores goals.. Carroll rarely does and did (at least for us)

    • Get Drogba signed ASAP ! You could clearly see today at Goodison that had Suarez been injured we have for an atacking threat ...NOTHING !!! Everton showed us today how to use the wings what is the use of having talented young wingers if we arent using them correctly to stretch opposition defenses in the manner that Everton stretched us today ? BUT with Enrique back we made it easy for them to stretch us ...this guy is overweight no speed cant get back at crucial moments and leaves us highly vulnerable on his side. btw no way we shoulkd have been denied thaT WINNING GOAL how the linesman came to the decision that Coates had levered himself up I will never know there was no sight of him using either hand to assist him up into the air ???