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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 28, 2012 15:49 Flag

    Blatant robbery.......

    What was wrong with Suarez's winner? Not a d#@n thing. Has the prejudiced ( we will call NO FOULS against any player fouling Luis Suarez ) now extended to late match winning goals as well? Shame on the FA. Shame on the Refs. Blatant robbery.......

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    • If I appear to wear partisan glasses it may be because I constantly see United fans dredging up that goal as if that was the only bad decision between our clubs and then going on to claim that it won Chelsea the league.


    • Robert, I don't know why you say I think we were hard done by with the Drogba goal. We've discussed this before and I only use it to illustrate what a terrible mistake it was by the ref/assistants.

      For the record, Chelsea deserved to win the PL that year, just as City did last year, even though it took until the nth minute of added time.

      Take off your partisan glasses for a minute and see the reality, supporters of all teams are having games ruined by bad decisions and it is not acceptable.

    • Agreed on all points, and I think it's fair to say (unless you were assuming so, which I tend to agree with based on his looking quite lively and dangerous) Torres probably gets something accomplished there, even with Rio in the frame..

      That said, the whole game was marred by 2 bad decisions within a short period of time, making me really forget, but I heard Ferguson say afterwards, he couldn't wait to get to halftime, despite being up, and I think Chelsea were much better the second half, and even down a man, 11 v 10, they very much looked able to score a winner, while it was 2-2, and even managed to cause a few threats down 11 v 9.

      So, over the course of the game, all things considered, I thought 2-2 would have been a fair result, where they were more or less evenly matched, and deserved, especially seeing how two calls were just plain wrong..

    • Evans definitely made contact and Torres was at full pelt (or what is deemed full pelt since he changed from racing red to snail blue). The defender to his left was a puffing Rio Ferdinand, I think its safe to assume what would have happened over the next 10 paces. Hernandez was offside, no question. United were the better team on the day but it doesnt mean a thing, we have been the better team for 80% of our matches in the last 1.5 years, that gets you nothing, as Kenny well knows!

    • Of course he over did it.. no doubt about it..

      He also, telepathically made Evans stick out his foot, foul and trip him intentionally..

      And, most certainly he should have been red carded for his challenge on Cleverly, in fact I hope the FA have another look at it, and give him an 8 match ban for maliscious intent..

      Of course, while I can't remember off the top of my head, as Torres was racing through, there was Evans who he'd beaten, and another defender to his left.. Now, nobody can say for certainty, but had Torres not "overdone it" and managed to keep his feet, and brush off the challenge from whoever was to his left, he is in on goal, and in good enough form where he potentially scores a goal.. worst case maybe earns a corner or even perhaps a foul against Peter Schmeichel..err David Degea

      But all that is la la land talk, he clearly cheated, and Chelsea were punished, rightly so.. how dare they try to beat United! What do they think this is, some sort of competition amongst clubs trying to win a trophy?

      You guys live in a bubble, wake fthe fcuk up! Oh and btw, we are all to presume Chich was not in an offsides position for his goal? It's ironic what things are convenient to talk about, chastize and chosen to ignore..

      Worst case, that match should have been 2-2 11 v 10..

    • Hi Robert

      I think the point being made was that referees make mistakes but are usually not biased.

      As for the rest, isn't that the same as Chelsea fans harping on about that goal in the CL semi from time to time?

    • Typical .. the F.A can't bear to see LFC winning titles as only Man Utd are allowed to.

    • What was wrong with Suarez' winner?
      He should have been red carded 20 minutes earlier for that disgusting and yet oh so typical attack he made on Distin.
      This guy is proving time after time that he is just bad news and fully living up to the vile reputation he had when he first arrived at LFC. If anything, he has actually made it far worse.
      The sooner the club get rid of him the better as far as I am concerned.
      He is not only a total embarassment to our club, he is a blot on the world game.
      I find it increasingly hard to continue supporting the club I have loved for over 40 years as long as this plonker is allowed to don THE SHIRT.

    • Ralph,

      Have a look at the Fernando Torres thread and my last post in the thread..

      I saw all the games, obviously that one in particular, and that was a shocking call.. Torres was fouled, tripped and went to the ground, even seemed as if it may have hurt him temporarily, and he gets a yellow? That completely changed the outcome playing 9 v 11..

      United played very well, maybe well enough to say they deserved a victory, but certainly not after that call, AND then the goal being offsides as well.. I know you're a genuine good poster who's not biased, so it's nice to see, though unfortunately not so many of your fellow supporters see things the same way..

    • IF u look at replays there is no sighting of Coates using either of his hands to lever himself up to knock that one down for Louis...?
      So how exactly was a foul called on him...as u say blatant prejuidice ..robbery by the ref !