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  • Jason Jason Oct 28, 2012 16:38 Flag

    Unique, a Vision and Props..

    I see another post starting with the blatant, ridiculous offsides call on the winning goal, so I'm going to steer clear of that and many other talking points. Wanted to focus on a couple of things, first I'd like to give props where they are due:

    -Skrtel was absolutely magnificent at the back, I have no problem admitting I've always been bias towards him even in bad form/moments, but had he not been available today, I shutter to think what the score may have been in the firs half.

    -Suarez, arguably one of his best performances of the season, obviously Norwich aside, though much tougher opponent and circumstances. Also, managed to keep his isht together for the most part.

    -Allen fought as if he thought he was 6'4, and took an absolute physical beating, but kept going, winning balls, and challenging whatever he could. He's been a brilliant signing.

    -Lastly, a surprise, but I thought while even if it was about 15" or so, Jordan Henderson really was excellent att what he was asked to do, and was very threatening going forward. He's a forgotten player, but that gave some food for thought..

    -Of note, while he was a bit naive through his youth and some mistakes in challenges etc., Sterling showed maturity and was still very good.

    As for the unique, I have to give BR alot of credit for making the changes that he did at halftime, with a unique set up that resembles what I usually see Napoli and some other Serie A teams use, and in that he was quite brave to bring in Coates cold turkey, AND leave on Sterling. It was a unique variation of a 3-5-1-1, and when Gerrard pushed forward a 3-4-2-1.. worked well both defensively and when they got the ball, caused some serious threat with Sterling as a 2nd striker and his pace. Very brave to leave him on, where I may have left Suso on, or brought on Assaidi.

    In "his vision", I meant he knew exactly what he was doing and so did his players.. It didn't seem as if any of them had a single issue adjusting to the changes and tactics, only Wisdom for really having a tough day. Ironically, had BR known, which is a 20/20 hindsight comment, that Mirallas was going to come off at the half with an injury, he could have saved a sub, and been far more adventerous down that side, where it was problematic in the 1st half, but again, who knew..

    I think Glen's presence would have made a big difference too, but sooner or later he was bound get hurt, so nothing could be done, especially without having Kelly..

    All in all, with the massive amount of youth, lack of experience, and alot of pressure, playing at Goodison, I see way more positives for sure. And, obviously, if there was replay or whatever technology needed, we're probably talking a 3-2 win, making all this seem and sound that much better..

    But, we could have always lost too, but fought very hard, so it was another well done for me.