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  • Gary S Gary S Oct 28, 2012 21:42 Flag

    and you wonder why ?

    Yet another incident involving Liverpool fans a flare let off.2 major incidents one common denominator know wonder fans of other clubs don't believe Liverpool fans

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    • In addition to your comment, in which the grammar and spelling represents that of 5 year old, do you have any comment in regards to the fan(s) that threw, and hit Luis Suarez with a coin which he picked up, tried showing to any official that would look, then finally tucked into his sock as evidence?

      Perhaps you weren't aware of that, OR, you don't care and condone it because it's Liverpool and Suarez..

      It was made abundantly clear by the commentators on ESPN, (as it should) Ian Darke and Steve McManaman, that behavior like that from fans is terrible, and completely intolerable..

      Funny though, this seems to be the first mention of it anywhere.. God forbid it had been Trashbag #10, Fergie would have berated those fans, the match official, and the FA ...

      By the way, just so you're clear and we understand, what is that "one common denominator"? Just really want you to say it..

    • Torres tripped, booked and sent off for diving.
      Pea scores "winner" from offside position - even his own manager admits.
      Yes, we are all left wondering - Why?