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  • mel n mel n Oct 28, 2012 22:40 Flag

    We were lucky and we were unlucky.

    Doing a post match analysis of this absorbing match, I was not sure whether I was happy with the draw or not. It is a match that we could have won and one that we easily could have lost as well.

    I could say we were unlucky not to win the game seeing we squandered a 2-0 lead, normally you expect to win every time you lead by 2 goals. Sad to note that this is the second time that we have failed to protect a two goal cushion in only 9 games this season. However I could say that the football gods were smiling on us somewhat as we went to halftime with 2 goals in the bag but having had just one shot on target, normally it takes us more than 8 shots to get one goal. We were lucky to have Sterling and Suarez on the pitch by the end of the game as they could easily have been sent off, Suarez's challenge on Distin, on another day could have seen him get a straight red, whilst Sterling flirted with danger every time he made a tackle after his first yellow. Our biggest Unlucky of course was the disallowed goal right at the death, there was nothing wrong with the goal at all.

    Getting back to the game, this was probably the first game in a long time that I have seen us being dominated by the Toffees. Seeing it was Brendan's first Premier League derby, I hope that he learnt a few things from it. First of all that a derby (or a game against the Mancs) is a completely different ball game from any other match. His decision to play the first team against Anzhi might not have been the wisest, since it got Glen injured and I think took a toll on the other players as well. One other thing he might have learnt is that youthful exuberance and enthusiasm are sometimes not enough to win the derby, asking 3 teenagers to lead us to a derby win might just have asking a little bit too much. Suso was not at the races at all, Wisdom was being roasted like peanuts the whole first half and Sterling was treading on egg shells. I can understand the wisdom of playing Wisdom (pun fully intended), Glen was injured and the lad has been outstanding so far, he just happened to be up against two good players in Baines and Mirallas, who gave him a torrid first half, I hope that the lad learns from the whole experience and goes on to become an even better footballer in future. Being a derby, one would have expected Shelvey to get the nod ahead of Sahin, Jonjo's do or die approach is exactly what is needed in a derby game. I was glad to see that Brendan was bold enough to make changes at half time, but as normally happens after a blood and thunder first half, the second was nowhere near as entertaining.

    All in all it was a game that I was happy we did not lose.

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    • Hi Mel

      I pretty much agree with all that.

      I think in the end the draw was a fair result on the game and I think we'll look back on it as a good point.

      The Toffees look a very, very good team at the moment and have a genuine chance of a top four finish if they can have a bit of luck with injuries.

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      • This is the best Everton side in a very long time. Since the days they won the old first division etc.

        I pretty much agree with everyone's comments on here. With regard to Wisdom who did have a real torrid time it highlighted an issue with the system on the day. Your full backs can become exposed with 3 or less in midfield and Sterling wasn't quite able to offer the cover that was needed.

        it's good Rodgers saw the problem and addressed it. Benitez would have waited until the 64th minute.

        Personally I feel slightly robbed as the dissallowed goal was good, but in reality I suppose it could be argued that Suarez shouldn't have been on the pitch. The old red mist descended again.

    • We won that match clearly Suarez's goal was the match winner.. Yet the ref again cost us that game and the much needed points..

    • Sterling had flirted with danger even before he was booked; incorrectly it must be said on that occasion. Both he and Suso could easily been booked early in the first half for kicking the ball away after a decision went against Liverpool. I thought the ref was right to taken in to acount that they are young players and it was their first derby game but there are other refs who wouldn`t have hesitated to book them.