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  • Hobitez Hobitez Oct 29, 2012 11:13 Flag

    Everton in reflection

    I think I would have taken a draw before kick off, Everton are a team at their peak and we are very much in transition. The 2 goal lead was a great start and to be honest, a bit suprising. A lack of experience let the blues back in to the game and they did deserve to draw level. It definitely looked a bit scary as the second half closed out but we held firm.

    At halftime, I was really impressed with Brendan, the move to bring on Coates and Shelvey was brilliant. the long balls were nullified and Shelvey looked rampaging bringing the ball out of defence whilst Suso and Nuri had been passengers in the game. Again, the introduction of Henderson for the ,oh so young looking Wisdom, at wing back was intelligent and he added counter attacking impetus.

    The linesmans decision was nothing short of disgusting, nobody was ever offside or even close and to raise the flag so late after Suarez had celebrated and looked over to him was beyond a joke. Everton and neutral fans will say we didnt deserve to win on the run of play but as we have seen against Man United, Man City and Stoke, goals win games, not dominance. Moving on from the dissapointment, we should be proud how such a young team stood up to the test of one of the toughest away arenas.

    It would be madness not to mention the king of all goal celebrations as Suarez dived to Moyes feet, it was ingenius! To be fair to Moyesy, he took it really well and in good jest! Cracking derby classic and loving watching the boys at the moment.

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    • You are unbelievably dumb. Reina is still injured now, missed the game on Sunday, he was unfit to start against Everton, he was on the bench in case of an emergency.

      Nobody cares about your imaginary LFC fans who just happen to think that Lucas is rubbish, its blind nonsense. Were you drunk when you wrote this? It sounds like the drunk ramblings of a bitter loser enjoying the 5 minutes of fame of being in a false league position, we win cups when we are 5h1t, you win nothing....EVER.

    • Hey Bigmouth, Fat Lad won Champs Cup, Euro Super Cup, FA Cup and Community Shield....what has Moysie ever won? Nowt,... 'though he has been trying hard over many many years to be the Town Crier. Dear dear dear......

    • oh deary yet again

      firstly im glad you now concede your a c ock on the Reina issue.......i'll move on to save you further embarresment.

      Fatboy??....hahhah £ for £ Moyes would double what fatlad has won
      he is one of the reasons you are in meltdown down
      remember this i have many redshyte fans they all agreee Lucas is cra p, an absolute joke and they all agree fatboy has put your club back 10 years
      dosent it grate on you that your now so far behind Everton, we just rose above you without any fuss.....tut tut.

    • I big up Lucas because he is a quality defensive midfielder, when he got injured last year, we fell apart but still won a cup and reached another final despite having a 'much worse' season then the illustrious Everton. Cant maintain form? He has been injured and before that he went from young player of the year to player of the year at LFC, so who makes no sense?

      We are living in the past yet you are for some reason mocking Benitez? I doubt Moyes will ever win as much as Rafa over the course of his entire career, in fact, its almost a cetainty.

    • Oh deary
      Dropped to the bench but now unavailsble for the swansea game
      Dosent make sense pumpkinhead
      Why do u big up lucas when he clearly cannot maintain any form
      And is always injured
      Gusrantee he will be forgotten sbout in 2 years time
      Just like the majority of fatlads 80 odd over £250M worth of signings
      More good has come out of buck blooding youngsters in 2 months than fatboy in 5 years- including your brazilian superstar
      At least rodgers has shown decent integrity unlike your fast fading captain and 2 of the last 3 managers
      Shame the fans-yet again-are living in the past

    • Here you go Stokeiceman:

      Reina was only deemed fit enough to be on the bench against Everton on Sunday following a hamstring complaint, while Johnson was ruled out altogether after picking up a knock against Anzhi Makhachkala.

      Marsh told Liverpoolfc.com: "They're both unavailable for the Swansea game. We'll see where they are after that."

      That was difficult to talk out off, whats next then....

      You make no point of sense about Lucas, are you trying to say that he isnt as good as Souness or Alonso? Of course he isnt. Are you trying to imply that LFC fans think that we are as good as we were in our heyday? Your just talking dribble for nothing now, it makes it very easy. Its like Everton fans have got so happy about finishing 4 points ahead of the worst LFC side in years that they have forgotten they were stuffed 3 times last season by us, it's strange, We also won a trophy last season, maybe one day Moyes will lead you to the dreamland of the league cup!

      Glen Johnson is 100% first choice for England, Kyle Walker has only played when Glen has been injured, the one exception being when Roy rotated the reserves in for San Marino to keep them fresh for Poland.

      I would buy a ticket for a Hibbert Carragher race, and I would bring a book to read in the middle of it.

    • ...oh dear Hobitt, how to make yourself look a prize pumpkin, just befre halloween.........you fool

      Did you watch the game?
      Reina was on the bench you plum, therefore not playing in goal, therefore dropped to the bench.....if he was on the bench he was fit and available to play.........but he didnt, work ya way out of that one lad.

      Lucas.....hahah, do me a favour, like i said last season was his best, but then again in that team my granny could have shone....dont be giving me any of that crud about the redshyte a passing team, look at your last 3 years , a complete disgrace to the shirt, Buck has them playing like they used to, i'll agree, but its a long way back to anywhere near what you used to do.

      I dont agree that glen johnson is first pick for England, didnt Kyle walker play there recently???........exactly

      so you agree with me on Hibbert, good lad.........as for ifs and buts , dont speculate, go on the facts

      dont quote old games as if your hard done by, you havent heard me moaning about Newcastle and Wigan where we where hard done by, get over yaself

      PS..........no-one is slower than Carragher, he only makes the bench.........5 minutes after play has started...........

      You shyte have been so up yaselves for so long, you just cant accept the fact that last season we finished above you and will do again this season

    • It would be great if both Liverpool and Everton can make it to top 4, and make it all Merseyside champions league final.

    • this is the part that confuses me, why is it called professional foul?

      Let's look at the situation, 63 minutes, there's still a good 30 minutes to play. He needed to decide would it better off to let Young through and have the keeper dealt with him or to let the team play with one man down with 30 minutes left to go?

      If they're playing against low table team, maybe defending lead for 30 minutes with one man down was not a difficult thing to do. But against a team with Hernandez, Rooney, and Van Persie at attack, deciding to let the team play with one man down was not professional. Especially if you look at who's left at the bench as far as defenders concern. Moreover, the ball was still at a really dangerous position - albeit the resulting free kick was actually badly delivered.

    • You dont pay too much attention for someone who comments so much! Reina was injured on international duty, not been dropped at all and clearly our no.1.
      Glen Johnson has been in awesome form and even looks our biggest attacking threat at times, he is England's first choice at right back and a quality player, he can pass and move, something we like to do at LFC.
      Lucas has been brilliant for about 3 years now, he had been our young player of the year followed by our player of the year, injury has hampered him since, the biggest factor in our fall away last season was his absence. the guy won more tackles then anyone in the premier league in his last full season and was streets ahead before his injury last season too. He plays for Brazil you know, first team starter, obviously hes no Phil Neville.

      Hibbert might be more sturdy and accomplished then Coleman but I very much doubt he would have dealt with Sterling at all, hes slower then Carra you know!

      A draw might seem the fair result but it only does when it goes against LFC, we deserved more then a defeat against United, more then a draw against City and the same with Stoke, its the same as saying Chelsea deserved to lose to United because United were largely the better side despite their winner being offside and Torres should not have been sent off.

      The top 4 is 'the best you can hope for', you might not reach it and yes, injury might stop you getting there but they DO have the potential to do it, therefore I think its right to say its the best they can hope for. I still think its not impossible for us to get there, we would need to be within 5-6 points by xmas though and then would be reliant on making good signings, a lot to ask.

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