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  • Jason Jason Nov 3, 2012 21:34 Flag

    Tomorrow - Anfield ..

    I hope ya'll don't mind too much, I may start a couple of threads here and there, hopefully interesting enough (to keep busy).. I've found a place to charge up my laptop, get internet and keep warm, while all the isht over here just continues to get worse, but I've always got LFC and football.. That said, all of today's games today were rubbish, actually able to watch them, though I can't really say anything bad about Everton, they look a legit top 4 and if it hurts those morons in manc land so be it..

    Anyways, Tomorrow, in my opinion (and aren't they all?) is an absolute MUST WIN and start the upswing at Anfield, making it a place we control once again, been too long. Taking away Swans, where we clearly fielded a poor B side, but were still completely outplayed, we'd won 2/3, 3 unbeaten, with 2 clean sheets in the league, so tomorrow could make it 3 wins from 4 wins excluding that inexcusable debacle vs Swans. Didn't seem a priority to anyone to be honest... Also a must win with @ Anzhi and @ Bridge back to back, sandwiched together, where I'd hope for a W and D at best.. Could be anything depending on tomorrow and any possible momentum gained..

    After that, I think we've got Wigan? Wigan have become the new Stoke the past year and a half, and they've already beaten us at Anfield last year, and winning today at Spurs was shocking. I think we're winless in 5 or something vs them...

    I'm starting to think the mentality the team need to have at home in addition to sticking to the tactics, passing game and creating chances, is a wounded animal and underdog ready to bite back. Be mentally strong, and act as if every match, especially at Anfield is perhaps season defining.

    If our finishing/ability in the final third, represented the mentality of Skrtel & Agger, as well as Allen's fight in the middle, we'd be alot better for it.

    I'm hoping to be able to keep on the internet and see what's going on in my own person scouting quest for January, as well as whatever bs rumors are out there, but it's knuckle down time ( my version of squeaky bum ), and I'll drink alot of fcuking whiskey tomorrow, surrounded by your lot and mine, in the LFC NYC supporters club, with or with out heat !

    Remember what King Leonidas said.. (he said alot actually)

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