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  • Roy F Roy F Nov 5, 2012 09:10 Flag

    January is too long of a wait

    Hi Jason

    Whilst i do take your points on board about Liverpool still attracting top players to the club as being a fact..............As a question. How lonh will this go on for?

    I think it's only natural that the longer a club is away from winning their league, their cups (domestic cups are getting more and more worthless prestige wise) and if not winning the league, then regular qualification for the Champions League.........the less attractive they become for top players.

    Of course, if a club has the fan base and the backers they can always punch above their current weight with how attractive they are to play for in football terms by offering a wage/transfer fee other clubs above can't match but the very top players will get both the wage and Champions league footy at another club.

    So in a round about way the question is..................How long can Liverpool carry on winning next to nothing, slipping further and further away from Champions League footy and winning the league................before Liverpool become unnatractive to top players?

    As for me.

    I like Liverpool but I admit I am amazed they have stayed as attractive to top players as they have done, given they have not won the league for so so long and are slipping further behind Champions League footy every year!