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  • Roy F Roy F Nov 5, 2012 16:24 Flag

    January is too long of a wait

    Hi Dave

    Taking your points on board i agree with most of it. Arsenal are a funny oddity as far as attractivness goes. They never seem to kick on to titles and are in the mix for 3rd and 4th not 1st and second as it used to be for them.........but 4th gets CL footy and Arsenal can provide that for players on a regular basis. However, they to the best of myknowledge have a wage cap and players are only human and an extra 10k a week somewhere else often swings things.

    I take you points on Liverpool being attractive to top players still and the reasons why, which leaves me with only one solution for getting a team that can buy top players but not the ones that Man U/Chelsea/ Man City and top 2 Spanish/Italian clubs want all the way past the ceiling for achievements with this kind of squad...............................The right manager is the key. Is it Rodgers given time, or A N Other????

    I know it sounds simplistic but just as your L Messi's don't grow on trees, a Manager is IMO the most important member of the squad. The RIGHT one can achieve far far more with a given 11 players than the wrong one will.

    Look at Fergie (excuse me whilst i spit!). Many of the players who have rubbed shoulders with Keane, Hughes, Kanchelskis, Ronaldo etc etc have not been top Premiership players IMO....But because Fergie is the Boss these players seem to play above themselves. Same at Forest under Clough, how many of those players travelled well when they quit Forest?

    Wes Brown is OK, as is J O'Shea but away from Fergie they are very average.........with Fergie they can step into the squad and play very well in massive games. Same goes for Fletcher, who IMO is run of the mill but for Man U he was way better than his talent would have you believe.

    Of course Liverpool need players but the most important is the Manager and HIS team.............Get that right and things will fall into place.