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    January is too long of a wait

    A legitimate scoring threat to compliment Luis Suarez would turn these close matches into Liverpool wins.

    Two more months of frustration won't do the side any good. Its time that John Henry stepped up to the plate ( a bit of a baseball reference seems apt ).

    Do it now.

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    • Instead of getting all strikers, I think in Jan, we need to get one striker and one defensive midfield. Someone to replace Mascherano. We sorely miss someone to play there. On his best day, he could win or at least disrupt any forward passes made to our direction by the opponent. We can't just wait for Lucas to come back, because he might be injured again, it might take time for him to get into the form, meanwhile, we're not deploying Allen where he can really make a difference in the attack.

    • dsteer...like Assaidi think he will need plenty of game time but will be a good un. BUT effectively hes one for a couple seasons down the line before we start to see the best for him think sme for Joe Allen although yes hes turned in some decent performances Sterling yes hes the real deal but needs more game time imo. Sahin for me jury out on this kid think Mohrinho loaded his wages onto us hes a canny bugger dont tjink hes our type of player and dont tjnk he will make the grade and for me not worth keeping beyond the loan limit. Borini ...dont think he will ever come good thats my hunch if u will. So all in all Id like to see the whole transfer wad spent on Cavanni and lets score goals that win games !

    • I think it's all well and good saying we need strikers. Everyone in the world knows that but without a midfield even the mighty Cavani would be next to useless. So one without the other is rubbish from both perspectives. i.e no strikers = no goals. Strikers but no midfield still equals no goals.

      Remember Torres when Hoidgson was manager. Our midfiedl was so withdrawn that he became a lonely figure such that centre halves would have tea party up there with him.

      In short we've a really thin squad and there's diddly we can do until January. That's a pretty poor performance from whoever was in charge of transfers over the Summer.

    • I have very little problem at all with Brens ability to spot a "useful" player but I do have a problem with what appears to be his "blind spot"......spotting a player, or two players to be more precise, who are capable of giving us goals and can take a bit of that onerous burden off Luis. Lots of scurrying tikki-takka midfielders (didnt we have a fair few of them already?) are all well and good and keeping possession is a fine art to be admired.....but goals???? oh yeah...they win matches dont they? ...and our last 2 goals, both by Suarez, have not had much tikki-takka about them either. I'm not going to delude myself thinking we can get Cavanni or the like to come and join us with what we can currently offer but why couldnt we have taken a chance on a few lads from the lower divisions....Jordan Rhodes...Connor Wickham..even Billy Sharp? My bleat at the moment is that Bren appears OK for picking midfielders but I wonder if his eye is so good for picking goalscorers too? You can only judge on records over a period of time but to finish 8th or above this year seems like trying to climb Everest in slacks, sports jacket and town shoes right now.

    • I'd agree. first impressions are positive. yes the jury is out on Borini but I can see the logic behind the purchase. He is one of those hard woking inside forward types that "should" work well alongside a nine like Suarez, There's two facets he needs to work on. Firstly getting into the goal scoring position, especially when Suarez wanders and secondly, goals.

      Allen, I've no issues with tha signing. Sahin still needs to toughen up I think but it's a deent loan signing for sure. Assaidi? Fantastic for the money.

      Still lots to do though.

    • Might take you to task a little bit Colin on the "BR's record in buying in isn't that great" comment.

      Put aside Borini who I think it’s fair to say has not had nearly enough time to be rated either way, even though I believe you think differently, has his other purchases really been that bad?

      Allen - not his best day yesterday granted, but think he's been one of our best performers this season

      Sahan - would you consider him a flop?

      Assaidi - far from dross in my book

      So worst case that is 3 out of 4 not bad, or for me realistically 3 out of 3 not bad, and one yet to be rated.

      But also look at him in terms of his eye for a player, in which case we can cast our net a little wider by asking who he's promoted within the club. Wisdom, Sterling, Suso, or even JonJo, although he was already on the fringes of the first team with Kenny. But it seems to me he knows a good player when he sees one, so why not trust him to pick out 2 or 3 more, and hope the suits at the club (which is where I worry) are able to land the targets.

    • Liverpool's season was over as soon as Rodgers became manager.

      He'd be sacked at any other club. Only Liverpool FC "gives these manager's a chance."

      11 points in 11 league games including today says it all.

    • I agree Robert. too long in the tooth those options but they are the right type

    • Dave,

      We're actually agreeing.. I think maybe something I said, as it was a bit long winded was either taken out of context, or I didn't elaborate/emphasize enough..

      Of course money in many, perhaps most instances, may be the penultimate game breaker, but while I agree we are not at the pinnacle, we can still attract. Aside from my Suarez reference, which if you take into consideration btw at the time of him signing, our situation was god awful, and perhaps maybe the only reason he did come was because he's said to have always been a Liverpool fan, and because Torres spoke to him (sharing same agent) and thought he'd play alongside El Nino. Who knows, maybe he felt sick to his stomach when Torres then left, but he seems delighted to be our player now and re-signed.

      Aside from Suarez, I could also say (while we'll really see this summer), we convinced Skrtel, who at this point I really can't rate any lower than 2nd best only to Kompany, to re-sign when he seemed very unsettled in the summer. And, Agger seemed to want no part in leaving at all even as it appeared like we were willing to entertain a massive offer. Together, I find it hard to find too many pairings anywhere, that are drastically better, and at their age.. Something has kept them interested..

      I agree about City, the project and their new found global appeal, with the footballing centers and trying to take over the EPL and Europe seemed exciting, in addition to the money, and a stadium that holds 57-58k with room to grow (I think), plus they had already had big name European players even under Hughes, so the foundation for a big leap was there..

      Had Chelsea not won the CL, it's my opinion that Eden Hazard would not have chosen them, they still may have gotten Oscar, Marin and Moses, but they were 6th and headed to Europa, in addition to having players like Drogba and a few others leave, so it could have seemed a confusing situation, but again of course the money was there regardless..

      End of the day, at least for the forseeable future, if we find the players BR wants, the owners feel fit a profile (and they will bend now, I promise that much after the August debacle) and not absurdly priced, we'll be ok and be able to bring them in. The players such as Gerrard, Lucas, Skrtel, Agger, Suarez, Reina are big names, and friends/icons to some of their compatriots, so they certainly help in addition to the club name, and (while not intimidating at the moment) the Anfield history..

      If rumors really start to go crazy in December that have us linked to Leandro Damiao of Brazil, for 16-20M (suggested summer numbers) and persist, I would believe it and think it very possible. He's 23, a super star, Brazil starter, true striker, and a guaranteed starter alongside Suarez, and we could pay him with wages we've slashed, along with Cole, perhaps Downing/Henderson to go.. Damiao is a player that fits the profile of Chelsea, who have several Brazilian/Poruguese, Spurs too similarly, but I don't find him a stretch at all..

      He's just an example of course, could be Huntelaar, Llorente, Walcott, Gamiero, Villa, Soldado etc etc etc.. All in the realm of possible with all things considered even if not near the top 4..

    • Very true. No Manager can be called great or a failure in just 6 months.

      Cheers for the replies guys.......Great club, great support....which in the end, is the key

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