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  • Hobitez Hobitez Nov 6, 2012 13:35 Flag

    Theo Walcott

    I know this isnt exactly breaking news to suggest Theo might be heading our way but with the media release today that he has turned down Arsenals 'improved' contract offer of £75,000 per week I thought it was somewhat relevant. I have been banging on about Huntelaar and Llorente but I am starting to change my opinion as the season unfolds.

    To me, it is starting to look more and more obvious that Theo is in fact the player we actually need. Firstly, I know he isnt 'proven' as a through the middle striker but is that actually what we need? It is clear to me that Sterling is good enough to be starting on our left hand side, perhaps he should be more rotational with someone but I dont want to hinder his progress. Suarez playing in the fashionably phrased, false 9 position is doing a pretty decent job by anyones standards.

    It isnt so much a striker we need (not in terms of our first 11) more a player who can go wide then appear through the middle when Suarez is doing his thing. For me, Walcott stinks of that guy, full of pace and versatility plus the ability to score goals through the centre, add to that being young, english and a Liverpool fan, it seems to make a lot of sense. Any doubters over his ability in the centre should have a look at the Reading cup match and check that goals and assist tally over the last season and a bit.

    His desire to play centrally may be a stumbling block but with no other striking options, it is fair to say he would get his fair share of nods in the central role, whilst he would spend plenty of time there during matches when he is deployed initially wide. It looks like £90k a week would do it plus a healthy signing on bonus, bump Joe Cole back to Lille and those funds are instantly realised (I think Joe is starting to realise there is no place for him now). He won't be the saviour, but he will be a great option and a noticeable 'today' improvement on Suso or Borini.

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    • Still craving attention Jane?

      Go and see Mummy. I'm sure she has a bottle and a rusk for you.


    • bick wall...??


      so by your definition Ivanovic shouldnt be there and Toure is now a striker
      you really are a silly qunt


    • Jane I have decided that you are a numpty of the highest order and quite honestly not worth me wasting my time. I could quite easily spend it far more productively by staring at a bick wall.

      1. Kompany and Cahill have scored from set pieces.
      2. Toure's goal was in open play. What defensive midfielder gets into the opposition 6 yard box in open play?
      3. Ivanovic is a full back who has been clearly told to get forward and provide width to Chelsea's play. I'd rate full back as one of the hardest poitions to play both up top, where you seem to be lacking and physically due to the ground they need to cover these days.
      4. Even Baines has scored. But Oh yes he's a full back too! Has Neville? No, becasue when he plays in midfield he sits AS A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER.

      Now I hope that this little eductaion which focusses on you own team, so you might get a better undertstanding will actually sink in. I doubt it because I suspect that you're quite excited by all this attention and will without doubt crave more. A reply from you will prove that fact.

    • noob noob ya sheepshagger, explain how, Kompany, Cahill and Ivanovic to name a few have scored this season, not very defensive are they......hahahahahahah


    • Jane. Your obsession with peoples sexuality is a bit of a concern. There's every chance there's a list for people like you.

      Please explain how Toure, as a defensive midfielder scored from inside the 6 yard box the other night. He was actually ahead of the City forward line. Way out of position don't you think? Not very defensive.


    • I see, your going to put Jelavic in as a striker over a striker who has scored more goals and got more assists and is a vastly superior striker, good choice. It would clearly make sense to play Suarez out of position to accomodate your lumbering target man.

      Gone way beyond proving he is dropped? How is that? Because he was on the bench for one game a few weeks ago? Whats your evidence genius? Why don't you go and speak to your inside man, great evidence that is. Is it the same guy who told you Gerrard was out injured tonight or that Scharner is a better premier league defensive midfielder then Lucas? ha ha ha.

      I said Baines is better, glad to see you have somehow decided I didnt.

      How is Jagielka better then Skrtel?!! Skrtel is faster, stronger, younger, scores more goals, a better header of the ball and a better passer. Jagielka is not in his league.

      I think I said that Mirales and Pienaar might be more consistent right now, Sterling is a much more exciting prospect and Idoubt any Red in the world wouldn entertain swapping him for either of those journeymen.

      I like how Caughtoffside is your evidence of Yaya Toure being a defensive midfielder!! It is the site of gossip and nonsense and nothing else, toilet reading material on an Iphone at best. I said and agreed that Yaya is an immense player, maybe even the best central midfielder in the premier league. What he isnt, is a defensive midfielder. He is a box to box midfielder, di you ever remember a guy called Patrick Viera? They are almost the exact same player. Have you seen him play?!

      Milner used to be a right midfielder by trade but played as a sitting midfielder at numerous times last season and has this season also. This doesnt mean I am saying he is a defensive midfielder (I know how you like to quote invented sentences) just that he has played there.

      IF Caught offside is good enough evidence for you, then I am sure Wiki's player description is like gospel to you.

      Yaya Touré plays primarily as a box-to-box midfielder, often switching from offensive and defensive stances as the match progresses. His key strengths are his passing and shooting ability. He is known for immense physical presence which is often combined with lungbursting runs from midfield, and has consequently been referred to as a "human train" and a "colossus" by various pundits.[43][44] Touré is frequently pushed forward during the latter part of matches, most notably in the penultimate match of the 2011-12 season against Newcastle United where Touré scored two late goals to win the match

    • ...you really dont watch football do you...........

      the front 3 you agree attack but track back, yes they do from a formation of 4-2-3-1, and i never mentioned Jellyfish would replace suarez.....he would be the 1 of 1......numpty.

      No ive not given up on Reina ata ll, ive gone way beyond proving to you he is dropped, despite you google finger going mad on him being injured, you really dont have any inside sources do you?...but then why would anyone talk proper football to you when your average , at best.

      On Baines...hahahahaha, he has been outstanding for this AND the last 2 seasons, get real.
      Jagielka is far more consistant and a better player than Skrtel, im a fan of Agger...
      Your biased opinion on Sterling is nothing short of a Sunday League pundit, Pienaar or Mirralas......pi55 all over him, he's got bags of potential but his finishing is so poor, i guess he'll fade by February and come back an average player next season, another 1 hit red wonderkid..........please spare us, though i'll stand corrected if Buck coaches him well.

      just for you AND noob Noob, who is either your alta ego or bumchum, let me just clear up Toure's position, seeing though you are both in love with the internet.


      Milner has never been a ''sitter', what do you watch Fifa 12, unreal, you just make up your own bulls5it as you go along and convince yourself to beleive it...

      so tell e why you agreed with me on Toure, 5000 threads ago


    • Didn't that defensive midfielder Toure score the other night in the CL? Oh yes he did and he was in the 6 yard box when he did as well. So he's either a very indisciplined defensive midfielder or you and your source is off the mark.

      I know which one I'd prefer to believe Jane

    • So you are satisfied now about Pepe? What about your injury to Gerrard?

      Yaya toure is 100% not a defensive midfielder. He starts from deep and surges through teams, he is all athleticism. He is the stereotype 'box to box' midfielder. He isn't reknowned for breaking up play, he dictates it. Barry, De jong and even Milner have been the 'sitter' for him in the past season or so.

      I don't doubt that statistically Everton had the better off us in that one game, it happened, it is the truth. They shaded the game in terms of 'points' if you will. We scored more goals though despite how many were recorded!

      I think you have misunderstood me when I say Everton are overacheiving. I don't mean there points tally for the season thus far, I mean what they are achieving in general with the manager they have for now, the players they have for now and the amount of money available. They overachieve on their means, thats fair to say is it not? Likewise, we underachieve on ours. Come next summer, Baines and Feilani will be gone and surely it is only a matter of time before someone gives Moyes a chance with a wad to spend? Although in fairness, who knows if his style would work at any other type of club?! Would Arsenal or United wan't to see that sort of football?

      I don't know why you have such a conscience about your playing style, even your captain says "why wouldn't we hit balls up to Marou?" and he's right, why not? If you have a guy you can hit then bring the ball down and play, why not do it? you have to play to the strengths of your best players, you do.

      Not so sure about your players who would 'walk into our team'. Would they walk into the team as individuals in different playing styles or would they have to adapt to our system? I know for sure that Jelavic would have no hope of taking Suarez spot, Jagielka would have no hope of taking Skrtel or Aggers position as good as he may be. Would I rather have Pienaar or Mirales over Sterling? Nope, but I can understand cases that they are at a more consistent level them him now. Either could start on our right, no question. I would have took Enrique over Baines a season ago but I have no idea whats happened to him, Baines is miles better now. I think it's pretty fair to say that Feilaini would slip into midfield!

      I find it a bit odd that you say we won't get out of the bottom half with Suarez as our main striker, he was our main striker last year and we werent bottom half then. If Jonjo had not missed an open goal or the phantom offside against your boys had happened we would be top half already. Remember, it is only a 6 point gap to 4th as it is.

      It isnt a 4-2-3-1, it is 4-3-3, the 2 wide men are attackers, they track back when they need too but are predominantly pushing on. It is a 3 in the middle, sometimes it is Sahin pushing on in the middle, sometimes it is Gerrard but it is a 4-3-3. To call it 4-2-3-1 would be suggesting we have 2 sitters and we don't. There is a case that 4-2-3-1 is actually 4-3-3 and 4-4-1-1 or even that 4-4-2 is actually 4-5-1 if a striker drops off. When we used to play 4-2-3-1 we would have 2 workrate widemen plus 2 sitters, Gerrard would be in and around Torres, Sahin does not play in that manner.

      Your right, Carragher is slower then Neville but Hibbert would get smoked by the pair!

    • yes
      and yes he had ONE good season, hardly one of the best
      so why did you agree with me, if Toure isnt a defensive midfielder
      look them up
      defensive midfielders 2012.................oh look...hahahah

      Everton completely outplayed liverpool on the deck and from the back, until Buck changed his sytem, ok, so then did we.
      its been indicative of Evertons play this season, you watched all the games right???

      i dont normally agree with Moyes as most know, but his statement of see where we are after 10 games is true, so how can you say we are over inflated??.........so far i dont see it, if anything we have had 7 points wrongly taken off us by bad decisions, as you have the 2 in Derby.

      would all walk into liverpools 1st eleven
      as of today
      ive never said Suarez shouldnt be there, he is a player everyone would have and also everyone hates, even lfc fans like his football but not his attitude
      you will not get out of the the bottom10 with him as your out and out striker, find him a box player to go with him and you will be much better, not a 4-3-3 with 2 wide men coming in
      and just to clarify again, you have been playing
      4-2-3-1, all season
      and carragher is still slower than Neville....both now crud

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