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  • Jason Jason Nov 6, 2012 19:11 Flag

    Tactical Solution to make a BIG Difference

    I think coming off the Newcastle match, I find it hard to complain about anything at all as far as effort, performance, heart and style. 1 lapse of bad defending, and 1-2 glaring easy chances wasted, and it goes from 1-1 (maybe never conceding) to 2-1 or 3-1, but, as tends to be our case, it is what it is..

    Having said that, I'm wondering if anyone else has been pondering this, or at least part of this from what I think tactically, where I almost never question Rodgers so far, outside of the Carling Cup vs Swans..

    I would have a full blown, competition, fighting tooth and nail between Sahin, Suso, and Shelvey, with the best one in training, meaning attacking, pressing, winning the ball back, completing through balls and high efficiency chances, and ghosting into the box to finish.. Best man starts, and I'd like that to be Suso.. here's why:

    Suso has shown at every level he's been at so far, what a creative, clever and talented player he is on the ball, with the ability to control it at his feet, pick a pass and unlock some defenders, BUT, he is not blessed with tremendous speed or pace, though tricky. I view him as our very young version of a David Silva type, so my rationale here, in highliting his lack of straight line pace is that he shouldn't play as that wide right attacking winger, but rather right up front, behind Suarez. What this would then allow us to do is put Sterling right, and Assaidi left, both of which are True wide players, and wide attacking players with the ability to race past a man, dribble around one, and deliver crosses as well as cut in for shots. Most importantly, what this would do as 2 true wide players, is keep Suarez centrally, which is where he can be at his destructive / devastating best. Just think of that play where Suarez had rounded his man wide right and cut an easy goal over to Shelvey who scuffed it! Now, if that had been Sterling laying it off to Suarez, that's buried, and bang 2-1..

    No, this does not solve the problem of having depth or another clinical finisher behind Suarez, who isn't always clinical himself, but, it could relieve some pressure on him, also take him out of some of those situations where he's occasionally a bit selfish and misses an open player, where his focus could be right on goal, and at the same time, since all 4, Suarez, Sterling, Suso, and Assaidi (or Shelvey/Sahin) are quite interchangeable, so it wouldn't prohibit Suarez from going wide time to time in counter attackes or loose balls, but just over all, give him less to burden, and more to finish..


    This also still allows Gerrard to make his surging runs from time to time (which he'll never stop) and allow Allen to cover..

    This resembles 4-2-3-1, which BR did at Swansea with Gylfi behind Graham, and now Laudraup is doing with Michu and Graham, while still using Dyer, Pablo and Routledge as his wide players..

    Again this doesn't solve the depth issue, prevent an injury (god forbid) or make Suarez that much more clinical, but it certainly would allow more creativity and pace from the entire front 3, give him less to do by picking it up deep, taking on 4 defenders and then trying to finish..

    I'm just wondering what the reason for not seeing Assaidi as a starter, let alone a sub very much in the league yet.. maybe physicality? But, sooner or later he has to be used, and I certainly would have used him over Downing vs Newcastle without hesitation. By that point, Newcastle were dog tired and chasing shadows while we bombarded the final 3rd with an extra man up..

    Jason's tactical synopsis..

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    • I think that formation is pretty much what Rodgers is trying to achieve with different personnel in different places obviously.

      I've been having my own little personal debate (yes I've been spotted talking to myself again) on the set up of the forward line or front 3. We clearly have some issues with our chance conversion rate being poor at best. So something needs to change there and it's how best to achieve it. So it's another Pink Custard Analysis.................

      Firstly Suarez is a shoe in. Simply too good on his day to leave out but where and how to play him. I see two options.

      1. As a old fashioned inside forward, a provider who will also score goals;
      2. or as a False nine as they are now called.

      The two are different, not so much in what Suarez does but more in who you put around him. As an inside forward you need to put a srong minded centre forward alongside him. One that will demand the ball from him and basically score goals. Suarez would play one of the wider roles of the front 3.

      The latter which seems to be Rodgers favoured option is to have Suarez in the central role but in no way resembling a centre forward. As Suarez wanders one or both of the wider players must tuck in and become that centre forward. This means that those two wide players are not wingers but forwards that play the channels. Width comes from the full backs. Those forwards need to be a bit more flexible than an out and out centre forward but they must still be able to score goals.

      That's our current problem. Not one of the forwards we have is both flexible attacking force and can score goals. Sterling perhaps as he develops pehaps and while Shelvey shows the nonce to be able to get into the correct position he still hasn't convinced anyone of his goal scoring prowess yet.

      To me this also means that there is no place in the squad for Downing. Assaidi too perhaps as he is also an out and out winger.

      Perhaps Rodgers will be clever and buy players in January that will give us the flexibility of both approaches?

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      • Noo Noo, you have a very good understanding of the Rodgers system, I think it is the best way to get the most out of Luis and will long term be the best for Sterling too. The system is good though the tools are not perfect, to be fair, it must take time for Suso, Assaidi and Sterling to work out when and where they should be so it is no suprise to see a slow realisation process. I really don't know whether bringing an out and out starting 11, through the middle centre forward will be a good idea or not, i'm thinking we need to keep the faith in Rodgers 'masterplan' and get the LF and RF sorted.

        Jason, I like your attacking intent but do you not see that as more a 4-4-1-1 formation? I think pushing a more attack minded player through the middle and losing a midfielder would concede more possesion and make us less dominant whilst limiting the 'wide' players to having a bit more discipline too?

        I think both of your ideas about Assaidi almost answer themselves, he is more of a tricky touchline winger so should make for an excellent supersub. From what I have seen of him, he looks technically excellent and doesn't lose the ball too much. He looks very skinny though and I have yet to see him make a tackle despite good work rate. I think it will come with him but I am suprised he hasnt had more playing time in the premier league yet.