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    Team to face Anzhi in Russia

    A real 'sat on the fence' game with Chelsea away on Sunday. Realistically this will be a very tough match if we rotate heavily but there is no question a full strength outing will cause problems for us on the weekend. Chelsea play at home tonight and we will be arriving back in England on Friday morning. I know a victory on Thursday will almost put us in to the knockout stages but I think we have to change it up a bit.


    Subs: Gulacsi, Skrtel, Agger, Sahin, Gerrard, Sterling, Suarez

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    • Almost got away with it!

    • tee hee hee......."Odin, Odin,....bring the wind to turn the tide"...Sean, you're sounding like Tony Curtis, or was it Kirk Douglas with the hard boiled egg for an eye? But was Ragnar better than King Leonidas????

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      comedy Norwegians, at their best

    • Football managers and referees. Nutters the lot of them. Not a job anyone "normal" would want I think. Although being involved in footy week in week out cant be that bad, can it?

      Anyway. Firstly I certainly hope Cole is not even given a shirt. He has no place in our team anymore.

      Ajay I like your point on the League Cup. You pick a side that you think is capable and they haven't delivered.

      This fixture is a real killer. We need progress in this competition. Can you imagine the lift the club would get by progressing a long way in this competition with the young academy grown side that we have? It could be priceless and a site Bilbao in last years competition as an example of what can be achieved. I really hope we get something out of the game because going to Udinese is far from a guarantee of anything.

      yes the Chelsea game is important. Lose it and we fall further behind those immediately above us. Honestly though I thought the Newcastle game was even more important. But at the end of the day it doesn't matter where the points come from I suppose. You just need to get them

    • This s a tricky one. Anzhi will be better than they were at Anfield and I expect their 6'10" striker to play from the start.

      I think we should stick to the 4-3-3 formation that we know. I'm not fan of changing formations to suit teams. The central pairing needs to manage their big guy so that might mean a slot for Skrtel if we feel that Coates isn't quite ready for him

      Up front is critical for me. We are almost certainly going to lose Suarez at some point in the near future with a yellow card suspension and therefore it might be the right time to get some playing time for an alternative. Whether that's Pacheco, Yesil, Morgan or the tea lady I don't know.

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      • I think Coates is as good as anyone in the air, he might just be the perfect player to mark the monster, Traore. The defensive minded midfielder will really have to take care of Eto'o, the last thing you want is him picking up space in front of Coates and Carra, because he will strip them both for pace.

        Again, the yellow card thing won't be relevant for a european game. It might be encouraged for Suarez to play tonight and almost let him pick up the yellow against Chelsea. It sounds weird but he will definitely get the yellow at some point before we get to January so maybe him having the following match of against Wigan could be a good time (if there is such a thing).

    • Think I might give Suarez, Gerrard and Allen a complete break from this one, really need to keep them fresh. if I were Brendan I might be quit defencive for this one and play on the counter, trying to release Assadi, or Sterling's pace. 3/5 at the back with Hendo and Downing as wing backs?


      Subs: Gulacsi, Skrtel, Agger, Sterling, Enrique, Yessil, Coady

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      • That might work well Aurelio, he has used the wingbacks once so far so it isnt impossible, it is very likely that Anzhi will place that monster Traore up top with Eto'o as the 'shadow striker' (Gus' name, not mine!). That would suggest a direct offence so 3 at the back could deal with that problem. The Suarez yellow card issue isnt a problem for this game as its not a domestic competition but you do have to wonder how long he can keep blasting out 90's.

        Henderson looks good as a wingback, Downing likewise and probably more so with 3 at the back. I would like to see Gerro and Suarez left at home but I think BR will be tempted to take them both.