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    Team to face Chelsea at the bridge

    Well, it is nice that everyone has been rested for this tough looking encounter. Suarez still hasn't picked up that imminent yellow card (get this sickening feeling it will come whilst we are 2-0 down!) and there is talk Reina and Johnson could be in line to return. We have been a bit of a thorn in Chelsea side in recent encounters but we are quite a different side now, I am not sure possesion football and playing high is something that particularly highlights Chelsea's weaknesses, if anything it plays to their counter attacking strengths. I am fairly confident of picking something up despite the plethora of goal scorers at their disposal.

    Sterling should cause problems to Ivanovic, he is going to get nothing in the muscle game but his pace and trickery should see him well, if he can find some product from it. Suso or whoever plays on the right will find themselves in Cole's pocket, I just hope we can get Johnson fit so he can be the trouble maker on that side. Chelsea's biggest problem is clearly at centre half and there is nobody better to torment an uncertain defender then Suarez, it certainly looks like a proper Sunday afternoon ding-dong.

    If Johnson doesnt get fit I would leave Wisdom at rb and Enrique lb, a no brainer for Jones to keep the gloves if Pepe still isn't 100% (or hiding round Seaniceman's house). There is talk that Ashley Cole is unlikely to make the game but Bertrand is a pretty tidy deputy (reminds of Kelly/Johnson comparison levels).


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Wisdom, Shelvey, Downing, Assaidi, Coates

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    • Thinking about your proposed team, I think the players in your first eleven have scored a total of three goals against Chelsea between them, and your subs have one more. Anyone know if I am wrong? This is Agger 2, Johnson 1, Shelvey 1. Obviously it used to be Torres who tormented us, so we had to buy him, and then as soon as we did Meireles got a winner against us so we had to buy him as well. Fortunately most of your winning scorers against us since have moved on, including Essien, ahem.

      Maybe Gerrard or Suarez will break their ducks today.

      Looking the other way, if Lampard is still out I think our biggest scorer against you is probably another defender Ivanovic. Not sure about Ramires. Assuming Torres misses his regulation five one-on-ones and gets booked when Skrtel hauls him down for a blatant penalty, it's a good day for Oscar to score a 25 yard screamer.


    • Most of the Chelsea team picks itself at the moment and so the team will likely be very similar to the one that played Shaktar. The biggest weakness was in left defence - Luiz and Bertrand did not seem comfotable together and made a fair number of mistakes together. Obviously if Cole is fit he will replace Bertrand and it may not be a surprise if one JT gets a start. So I would expect

      Ivanovic, Cahill (Luiz), Terry (Luiz), Cole (Bertrand),
      Mikel, Ramires
      Hazard, Oscar, Mata (or Mata, Oscar, Hazard, or Oscar Mata Hazard or ...)

      Torres to score a hat-trick.


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      • I reckon the team you have put down (un bracketed) is the side we are likely to see. Di Matteo had been hinting at Terry coming straight in. Left centre back is actually the area where Luis attacks the most, he tends to pop in between there and the left back and surge in. He does seem to love nutmegging people there so perhaps if Terry can keep his knees together he might stop him! I don't really have a clue what will happen here, that attacking trio scare the life out of me and Torres is bound to have a performance against us at some point.

        It really looks like it is all about how your attack performs and how your defence performs rather then about how we perform, however strange that might sound.

    • Can I make a suggestion or two that is slightly off the cuff but also based on what I saw from the Anzhi game.

      back four. Tough call. Wisdom certainly deserves another start and I think he may deserve a a run against Cole. there's a debate to be had over who is better defensively there for sure!

      Jones doesn't deserve to lose his place in my opinion.

      --------------------------------Jones--------------------- ---------

      A little different but Suso can get in between their midfield and Back 4 and hopefully Suarez will be tormenting Luis and Terry all afternoon. Maybe Assaidi will give Cole a small headache (if Cole plays)

      I just hope that if we ever see that shape we don't find Suso and Suarez in the same space. Gerrard can be a bit naughty in that regard too.

      fun and games

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      • Suso showed last night he looks very effective popping into that hole, he really looks a young Silva in the making. I think he could end up in that role but, in my opinion, I am not sure he is ready for that in a game of this magnitude. I reckon we really need the strength and work rate of 3 proper midfielders but thats just my opinion! Assaidi is a good shout, he seems to be fast becoming our Maxi, the guy that nobody can understand why he isnt being used!