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  • Hobitez Hobitez Nov 9, 2012 12:10 Flag

    Anzhi in reflection part 2

    I expected us to lose in all honesty once we had seen the teamsheet. I think it was a good decision by BR to rest everybody with a massive game at Chelsea on Sunday with us in a decent position in the Europa. We can take a step in to the knockouts if we beat Young Boys at Anfield in the next round, a game I expect us to go very strong in. It is odd that Udinese find themselves bottom of the group, they looked by far the most acomplished of the sides we have faced, I certainly wouldnt rule them out of beating Anzhi next up.

    If anything, I was a little surprised how poor Anzhi were at home, I know we lost but we completely dominated proceedings, we just couldn't find a way through. You know a team is weak when JC is doing 1-2's in the opposition box! To be honest, I thought we were unlucky not to get something but nobody disgraced themselves.

    Sadly, I thought Assaidi looked poor when he was introduced, that is for the first time, I really want him to step it up and become a premier league regular. Wisdom looked very tidy, JC a rock and Suso just looked Zidane-ish with his composure, great to see him looking so confident. Was a bit dissapointed for Pacheco to have a stinker, this really is last chance saloon for him, but he just isn't doing it when it matters. Joe Cole looked a massive improvement on his Swansea outing but not to the standard of impacting the first team.

    At the end of the day, we used the match to try a few things and we got some good insights and some strong performances, we were undone by a momentary lapse and didnt have enough fire power to undo it. We are in a strong position to qualify and if we get out of this group then the matches we rotated in will be well justified.

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    • I only managed to see the second half sadly but Suso certainly looked the part in his central role.

      Agreed Pacheco didn't do anything worth mentioning.

      Cole I don't know but surely his time in a Liverpool shirt is nearing it's end.

      Shelvey looked strong. Henderson I'm still convinced about. he has work to do. Wisdom looked very good again.

      I did enjoy Carraghers cross to the linesman on the far side. he (the linesman) should have nailed that opportunity. It was on a plate for him.