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  • Jason Jason Nov 11, 2012 20:18 Flag

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1


    Not attempting to have a go at you here, and actually don't think it's another topic, because you've started that one, and it's a non-goer right now..

    You started a thread about the owners and wanting them to do something about the striker situation now, several of us, including myself, commented on it immediately, in agreemant, which is as obvious as a blind person not being permitted to drive, but I will ask the same question I did there, along with others..

    What would you like them to do about it now? Drogba never was, is, or will be wearing a Red shirt, and aside from some other players out of work for a reason or another, there is nobody to bring in, or they'd had done it, aside from Del Piero, and NOTHING can be done now as far as the player himself..

    We can have a discussion with a club who permits it, with a player's agent, and perhaps the player himself, but that's all. SO, would you like to log on to LFC.Com and see "Liverpool announce the signature of Edinson Cavani from Napoli for 58M", with it A- being untrue or B- being absolutely no help for 2 more months?

    Aside from within the current squad, the reserve/youth teams, or some random falling out with a good player and exisitng club, becoming free, what would you like them to do?

    Everyone around the globe who supports LFC, including those here in the states, are extremely annoyed the way August went down, and FSG are plenty aware of that. To further the point and at the same time put it to rest, aside from drawing up lists which I like to do, Rodgers has said in quotations he has been afforded the funds, wants 2-3 players and is in daily dialogue with the owners about his January targets..

    How about one other immediate solution, some of the other players starting to put their attempts on goal, perhaps in it, rather than everywhere but, including the upper tiers of every ground we play at? Shooting/Finishing has been an issue aside from Suarez, Gerrard, Torres, and oddly Yossi, for about 3+ years now, all ironically witth 4 different managers..

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    • Jason , ideally it'd be a large physically dominant type player...........................perhaps 6'4" or so ( now I'm just being an ass, cos I know Brendan ain't having Andy back ). And unless we can open young Carroll's skull and insert some scoring instinct.........clone Gerrard's DNA?.........then most of you wouldn't want him back.

      I guess its just frustration talking , Jason. Every time the Reds fritter a win away into a draw or worse I'm sick and pissed off. I realize that theres not much that can be done short term. But I don't have to like it mate.

      Trying to be more upbeat.

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      • Carroll hasn't exactly set the world on fire at West Ham either. Hardly kicked a ball cause it's all headers and still hasn't scored.

        That side of things goes fom bad to worse.

      • O,

        I understand your frustration, and share it with you as well, however, given the circumstances as they are NOTHING can be done, so I just don't understand the repeated "FSG" or "Henry" doing something, or opening their eyes, since they are open and again, nothing can be done now.

        To repeat, Rodgers, even after yesterday's performance, said the squad is lacking players, and he keeps harping on 3, sometimes 2-3, with quotations of having the funds to spend without looking at reducing the squad, while in constant dialogue with the owners..

        I can understand the trepidation of any LFC fan in hearing/reading that, especially after the gaff in August, but, I think it would take a monumental failure for it go go wrong again. If so, I as an American, who have no vested interestes or liking for them other than the owners of LFC, will have an extremely big issue too, perhaps more so, since I'll feel a sense of them letting me down personally despite not knowing them.

        In the end, they couldn't get 1-2 players they had ok'd, as per the final hour news this side of the pond, and banked on Dempsey as the last IN, but refused to pay the 8M for him, so offered around 3M and Henderson.. Fulham, fair play to them, held out because they were upset with us, and sold to Spurs, leaving us with nothing.. that's the situation..

        As for a 6'4 target man, outside of Fernando Llorente, and I'm not even sure he can, it won't work too beautifully in our system which is the way Rodgers is going from the day he started until the day he leaves. A player with height is ideal, perhaps 6'1, 6'2, but has the speed and movement. If that wasn't the issue, Carroll would still be here, and Rodgers would not have said recently he won't get playing time so there's no point in recalling him.

        Some of the names out there, rumors or rubbish, do have some height, but most importantly movement.. Damiao (unlikely), Llorente, Huntelaar (a poacher), and etc.. It is vital we don't make the mistakes of last summer, buying on the premise of this player will do this and it will work, without multi-functioning skills.. IE - Downing and Henderson crossing impeccably, with Andy winning everything in the air for goals or knock downs..

        But again, right now, today, it is what it is and the best we can do is accommodate the formation to keep Suarez in his red hot form, reduce his work load, and get some others to step up with a shot on target once in a while..