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  • Colyn Colyn Nov 12, 2012 09:18 Flag

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I only saw the highlights. Busy boy these days but from what I saw Chelsea were by far the most dangerous side for the majority of the game. Liverpool came alive in the last 15 or so.

    We may have kept the ball for long periods but went no where with it and made no impression at all. In contrast when Chelsea won the ball (usually from someone being sloppy in possession) they broke with pace and penetration and very quickly found their way onto our back three. Again the gap between our midfield and defense was exposed by Chelsea particularly when Allen lost the ball. It's simple really but if he pushes just a little forward Sahin and / or Gerrard need to tuck in. Neither did and Chelsea ripped us to shreds but had obviously been reading our instruction manual on finishing. I will say though Robert that Torres seems to offer you very little with Hazard, Mata and Oscare creating all the trouble.

    The last 15 we could have nicked the game and it would have been against the overall flow. We were again pretty wasteful with the chances. Suso makes a difference to us going forward for sure. Far more than Sahin IMO. He has the ability to hold the ball allowing others to run off him.

    Suarez's goal was a bit naughty but I'll take anything I can get if I'm honest.

    Overall Chelsea will feel a little deflated at a missed opportunity while I would have taken a point away from home before the game. Afterwards the same considering that while the Stats will show that we had more of the ball we did nothing with it.

    We need to start getting three points at home on top of results like this one awy from home. We'd be alot better off then. For example if we'd beaten Newcastle at home last week we'd be better off. Home wins are critical.