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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2012 12:35 Flag

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Hi Robert M, I do so enjoy the games against Chelsea. I don't think Chelsea controlled the game, far from it. If anything I thought it was pretty even. Liverpool dominated the ball for long periods, but Chelsea looked more dangerous and were more attacking/direct. Chelsea were at their most dangerous when we attacked, as we often gave the ball away sloppily, especially Allen, only to have Hazard, Oscar and Torres breaking at us. I also thought the result was fair. If we had nicked it, it wouldn't have been in any way justified, but likewise, Chelsea 4-0 up at HT??? Apart from the Mata chance, I don't think there was much else that really threatened us.
    What is clear is that Liverpool are developing. Sterling didn't look a class below Hazard by any standards, and I was really impressed by Wisdom in both systems we played. Suso also came on, and looked OK as a playmaker, after a really dodgy start.
    Once this LFC team learns to be a bit more incisive, adds to the personnel in the striking dept, and improves our possession of the ball whilst going forward (which we will), I can see us being a force again, without the need to spend City or Chelski millions.

    • I thought Sterling had a poor game yesterday. I have been very impressed with him in previous games this season - I think he will be an awesome player when he is bigger and stronger and I think he is the best thing of yours that Rodgers has introduced. But yesterday he seemed to get pushed off the ball rather a lot and I don't remember any speedy mazey runs from him.