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  • Robert M Robert M Nov 12, 2012 13:50 Flag

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I thought Sterling had a poor game yesterday. I have been very impressed with him in previous games this season - I think he will be an awesome player when he is bigger and stronger and I think he is the best thing of yours that Rodgers has introduced. But yesterday he seemed to get pushed off the ball rather a lot and I don't remember any speedy mazey runs from him.


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    • Not sure I'd call him poor, but not his best outing. In other matches he's been surprisingly strong, especially looking at how slight he looks, and that he's only 17, but do think the Chelsea boys got the best of him physically yesterday. But his biggest issue is not always making the right decision with the final ball, but to expect the complete player at his age would be asking an awful lot.

      But for me, the one player I think let us down was Allen. Personally he's one player I've been most impressed with all season, so don't want to get too much on his case as we all have a bad day at the office sometimes. But he got caught in possession a number of times, and also completed a number of nice passes to a man in blue, which is not what I've come to expect from him. Think his yellow in dragging down Torres summed it up; he really looked frustrated with himself, so I'm sure he'll learn from the experience and bounce back.

      On the Chelsea side, wondering what you made of Torres? I thought he actually started rather brightly, and thought some of his hold up play was very good. But by the second half he also cut a very frustrated figure which I think was more down to how well we defended against him, rather than a lacking on his part. However it seemed many of the commentators focused on him not firing on all cylinders at the moment which I thought was a little unfair: sometimes even the very best players are bested by opponents.

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      • That's how Torres has been for the last twenty one months. He does a lot of good work which doesn't get commented on, scores a few goals but infuriatingly misses the chances you expect him to put away. When he used to play against us, give him the ball with a defender somewhere near by and the keeper waiting and he put it in the net. Nowadays give him the ball with only the keeper to beat and he unfailingly hits the keeper.