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  • Robert M Robert M Nov 11, 2012 18:11 Flag

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    No doubt you lot see it differently but the way I see it is: once again wasteful Chelsea drop points to mid-table team. We'll never challenge for the PL like that. (And you'll never challenge for a CL spot like that.)


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    • Well it could be worse. Last term all we could hit was the woodwork, yesterday it seemed we were most prolific in hitting the ref!

    • Actually not sure I do see it much different. Mistakes by both sides really dictated the game. Your mistakes were in the final third in not taking your chances, ours was allowing you those chances in the first place.

    • That's the first summary from a Liverpool fan that looks like the game I watched!


    • I thought we controlled possesion as we always were going to then looked vulnerable to your flair players on the break, the game went to cast in that respect. Terry's header was a horrid lapse by Agger but we rode our luck with Oscar and Mata missing fairly easy chances. Once we got the equaliser it looked like we were going to rob the points.

      We have little chance of finishing in the top 4, only hope is we are within 6 points come January then get some goal scorers in. Your defence is nowhere near title winning standard, Especially if you want to be a counter attacking side. Man U have poor individuals in their defence but they are so attack minded that they get out of jail with the quality and tenacity of their wing play and forwards.

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      • Hi Robert M, I do so enjoy the games against Chelsea. I don't think Chelsea controlled the game, far from it. If anything I thought it was pretty even. Liverpool dominated the ball for long periods, but Chelsea looked more dangerous and were more attacking/direct. Chelsea were at their most dangerous when we attacked, as we often gave the ball away sloppily, especially Allen, only to have Hazard, Oscar and Torres breaking at us. I also thought the result was fair. If we had nicked it, it wouldn't have been in any way justified, but likewise, Chelsea 4-0 up at HT??? Apart from the Mata chance, I don't think there was much else that really threatened us.
        What is clear is that Liverpool are developing. Sterling didn't look a class below Hazard by any standards, and I was really impressed by Wisdom in both systems we played. Suso also came on, and looked OK as a playmaker, after a really dodgy start.
        Once this LFC team learns to be a bit more incisive, adds to the personnel in the striking dept, and improves our possession of the ball whilst going forward (which we will), I can see us being a force again, without the need to spend City or Chelski millions.

    • I only saw the highlights. Busy boy these days but from what I saw Chelsea were by far the most dangerous side for the majority of the game. Liverpool came alive in the last 15 or so.

      We may have kept the ball for long periods but went no where with it and made no impression at all. In contrast when Chelsea won the ball (usually from someone being sloppy in possession) they broke with pace and penetration and very quickly found their way onto our back three. Again the gap between our midfield and defense was exposed by Chelsea particularly when Allen lost the ball. It's simple really but if he pushes just a little forward Sahin and / or Gerrard need to tuck in. Neither did and Chelsea ripped us to shreds but had obviously been reading our instruction manual on finishing. I will say though Robert that Torres seems to offer you very little with Hazard, Mata and Oscare creating all the trouble.

      The last 15 we could have nicked the game and it would have been against the overall flow. We were again pretty wasteful with the chances. Suso makes a difference to us going forward for sure. Far more than Sahin IMO. He has the ability to hold the ball allowing others to run off him.

      Suarez's goal was a bit naughty but I'll take anything I can get if I'm honest.

      Overall Chelsea will feel a little deflated at a missed opportunity while I would have taken a point away from home before the game. Afterwards the same considering that while the Stats will show that we had more of the ball we did nothing with it.

      We need to start getting three points at home on top of results like this one awy from home. We'd be alot better off then. For example if we'd beaten Newcastle at home last week we'd be better off. Home wins are critical.

    • well, we certainly know how to draw these days, thats 6 now,a Pools Banker home or away.....but what would we do without you Lou......and has Brad made his breakthrough? He looks good to me.

    • Hope John Terry has a speedy recovery , Robert. Really don't think that it was anything other than an unfortunate collision.

      Your Chelsea side will be fine. Its not like either Manchester side won't stumble several times throughout the season.

      We needed the point ( actually we needed all 3 ).

      We still need someone to compliment Luis Suarez. Perhaps FSG will eventually open their eyes, but thats another topic.

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      • Oonts..

        Not attempting to have a go at you here, and actually don't think it's another topic, because you've started that one, and it's a non-goer right now..

        You started a thread about the owners and wanting them to do something about the striker situation now, several of us, including myself, commented on it immediately, in agreemant, which is as obvious as a blind person not being permitted to drive, but I will ask the same question I did there, along with others..

        What would you like them to do about it now? Drogba never was, is, or will be wearing a Red shirt, and aside from some other players out of work for a reason or another, there is nobody to bring in, or they'd had done it, aside from Del Piero, and NOTHING can be done now as far as the player himself..

        We can have a discussion with a club who permits it, with a player's agent, and perhaps the player himself, but that's all. SO, would you like to log on to LFC.Com and see "Liverpool announce the signature of Edinson Cavani from Napoli for 58M", with it A- being untrue or B- being absolutely no help for 2 more months?

        Aside from within the current squad, the reserve/youth teams, or some random falling out with a good player and exisitng club, becoming free, what would you like them to do?

        Everyone around the globe who supports LFC, including those here in the states, are extremely annoyed the way August went down, and FSG are plenty aware of that. To further the point and at the same time put it to rest, aside from drawing up lists which I like to do, Rodgers has said in quotations he has been afforded the funds, wants 2-3 players and is in daily dialogue with the owners about his January targets..

        How about one other immediate solution, some of the other players starting to put their attempts on goal, perhaps in it, rather than everywhere but, including the upper tiers of every ground we play at? Shooting/Finishing has been an issue aside from Suarez, Gerrard, Torres, and oddly Yossi, for about 3+ years now, all ironically witth 4 different managers..

      • ...but, HOLD ON...you dont need another striker...

        according to some redshyte wannabe fans..........hahah
        you blind fuking Norwegian qunts

      • Yes, it was an accident but it looked very nasty. And the fact that you could hear him scream in real-time makes you think it hurt a little bit.

        It's one of those that could really damage the knee and have him out for a long time and then not play again to the same intensity. Or, who knows, he may be back in a couple of weeks.