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  • ROB ROB Nov 12, 2012 14:49 Flag

    Nov 17/18/19

    Hi guys,
    It wasn't that I didn't submit but that I didn't check that it had gone through. I sent it and left it on pc as was taking forever to go through, by the time I checked it was to late. Will have to make up for it this week.

    Arsenal v Tottenham 2-2
    Reading v Everton 0-2
    Liverpool v Wigan 2-1
    Man City v Villa 3-1
    Newcastle v Swansea 2-1
    QPR vSouthampton 2-1
    West Brom v Chelsea 1-2
    Norwich v Man United 1-3
    Fulham v Sunderland 2-0
    West Ham v Stoke 1-0