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    Chelsea in reflection

    Despite our league position and losing more ground on the 'race' (rather faint hope!) for champions league spots, it has to be a point gained rather then 2 dropped. When I saw our line up with Skrtel injured, it was definitely scary and you can understand why you would play a back 3 with Carra and Wisdom as 2 of them. Terry really sold Agger a dummy for the opener and I just couldnt understand how he never made up any ground on him.

    After that, it was us with all of the ball but them with all the intent, I remember around 35 mins we had 75% possesion, just we couldnt do much with it, of course it does tire your opposition out having to constantly close. With no disrespect to JT (hes good enough at that himself) I was a bit dissapointed when he went off injured as I felt Suarez taking him on would have been our best route back in to the game and personally, I rate Cahill as a better player.

    I think we did ok, nothing to get wax lyrcal about but Carra added a nice bit of unity and organisation to the siege, Enrique,. dare I say it, looked back to his best, Suarez and Sterling were a menace as Chelsea began to tire late on too. Being on 4 yellow cards seems to be making Suarez play even better, he is the premier leagues top scorer now for all those who say he doesnt score enough.

    JC seemed to be getting in the box at every opportunity, he never used to do it, he was always a halfway line defender at corners. I think his header would have gone in even if Suarez hadn't got his head on it, Cech was nowhere near it.

    As much as Chelsea might have rued their missed opportunities early on, we still went to their place, had the same amount of shots on target, dominated possesion, territory, made 120 more passes and it was their goalkeeper that saved their bacon, not 30 yard 'missed chances' blown into the crowd.

    We were marginally the better team but a draw was the right result on a game of 2 halves.

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    • I know it doesnt always reflect it but LFC fans spent all last season saying we were unlucky from hitting the post more then anyone else, taking more shots then anyone else, creating more chances then anyone else, missing more penalties then anyone else but the fans of every other team are quick to remind us that its ifs, buts and maybes and we were where we were for a reason so you will understand why I feel the need to argue our case when it is the other way round! Excuse me for the longest sentence in the world.

      I see completely why you would be dissapointed not to have won after an hour but surely after it went 1-1 you were happy to see the final whistle after Cech started to be tested?

      You are a better side then us right now, you do have better players and that is why you are up there and we are down here, we certainly aren't the 13th best team in the country and we are still a contest for anyone, it has been a bad start but I have seen enough to believe we will finish top 8 even without bringing in forwards. As depressing as it sounds to even be writing that.

    • The shots on target numbers don't always reflect what's going on, as yourtwenty seven million hits on the woodwork last year probably confirms. I remember Mata and Oscar going very close but the ball going a foot the wrong side of the woodwork.

      However, I am happy to agree that a point for us is better than none. But still, I think we blew it.


    • I felt the pressure when 1-0 down and thought a second would follow but only 2 more shots on target were registered in this supposedly dominant game. You say we did nothing with the ball but your keeper was the one put under the most pressure. Once we equalised, I thought we were a cert to go and win it, reflected in the heavy dent my in my in play betting account! You actually did 'hang on for a draw' in the end though? I your right, we will have to agree to disagree, I thought you would be happy to get your first point against Liverpool since Benitez left!

    • I don't know what Liverpool's tactics were so I can't argue or confirm that. But in my opinion Chelsea were rather closer to winning than Liverpool. Yes, you had a couple of chances to win it near the end but we had made rather more than this earlier in the match. I think the independent commentary is more of the line that you nicked a point against the play rather than we hung on for a draw.

      We'll have to agree to disagree, I think.


    • Point taken.

      What I do have to argue is that we went to yours to keep the ball, tire you out and break you down, it nearly worked and we did come closer to winning the match then you, a fair point? I would definitely say that 25 yard shots blazed over the bar are much more speculative then world class goalkeeping keeping us out.

    • Key points guys. Possession is great if you can achieve what you want with it.

      If you can put pressure on the opposition when needed. Good. Kill the game when needed good. Or as Rodgers would say defending by keeping the ball. But it all comes down to doing the right thing at the right time.

      Personally I think it's refresshing to see a PL side have this approach, whereas in the past it's either been about getting it forward ASAP. From what I saw of Sundays game we may have had all the ball but didn't really get anywhere with it.We certainly didn't put any extensive pressure on Chelsea until the final 15. I would use the term controlled very loosely but as you mentioned earlier Hobs, perhap MOTD didn't really do us justice.

    • On another day Chelsea would have put 5 past Liverpool that's how football goes the European cup champions totally outplayed Liverpool

    • Not sure I'd agree that we were the better team Hobs, but I did only see the highlights on MOTD. Chelsea showed all the penetration which is a concern as it showed that yet again we can be ill disciplined and sloppy while in possession in midfield, particularly if Allen loses the ball. There's no cover behind him even when he's advanced up the field a bit. That issue still needs to be addressed for me.

      However there are some positives.
      - We got a point from a tough away game.
      - We could have stolen all three points. Shame because we need them.
      - Possession. People may moan that we didn't do anything with it which is completely true but If you can keep the ball the other team aren't going to score. That simple. Keep the ball and make the opposition defend.

      Overall I'd have taken this result before the game. The draw at home to Newcastle was far more disappointing to me. Those are the games we should win and mix that with gritty performances away from home with draws etc. and you're not going to be far away.

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      • Agree with all of that mate, except that MOTD didnt do us justice! We had lots of nice interplay and the highlight reel didnt reflect the control. Chelsea were counter attacking and looked much more likely to add to their tally then concede up until halftime, we were the better side once we went back to a back 4. The highlights probably were indicative of our all fart no poo approach!

    • Hobs...agree with most of u assesment of the game. Enrique for me was Mof M ...back to his best and obviously out to claim that starter spot. Fraid for me up front same old same old...an injury to Suarez and that's it for us mate. No punch at all up front loads of trickery and magic from Louis but nothing else ...only reason they didnt slaughter us was the fact we had so much possession with tici taca but....GOALS WIN GAMES and it seems u cant score when u dont ave the ball as Mr Shankly always said but our problem is we cant score when we HAVE the ball !
      Arsenal are in there for Cavanni come Jan ...dont tink we should let them have him only PERHAPS Chelski would be our competition along with Arsenal for him so think we should blow the entire transfer budget on him and offload some players too for whatever we can get if it means being able to land Cavanni.

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      • I sky-plus'd the game, as I had to go round to see my parents. My nephew (a chelsea fan) who is 12 came round, said he'd watch the first half, and said Suarez is a diver, and he'd broken his leg.

        Obviously it didn't make sense, but the thought of Suarez with a broken leg honestly made me feel ill. Really ill. I can't remember a time when I last felt that sick about anything football related.

        What would life be like without Suarez? We'd be fucked!

      • Absolutely agree, just need a bit of help for Suarez really, whether its coming from someone directly behind him or from wide, it needs beefing up, just cant do anything for 7 weeks. He does need better cover too.
        I have seen a few Cavani to arsenal stories, I dont think they would get him for close to the £30m mooted. He is going to cost someone £40m+ and to be honest, I dont think either us nor Arsenal will be pulling of that deal. Sadly, he will be choosing from Chelsea, City or the big boys abroad. That being said, I think he would be amazing but it isn't realistic for us right now.

    • you were lucky to get a point, chelski had bad finishing

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      • They were lucky Cech saved them, Enriques shot at final minute was a world class save and the way he came out to deal with Suarez when through 1 on 1 was awesome. Now we are going to be 'lucky'? Is the team who always shoots off target always lucky then? I guess we have been unlucky not to win every game for the last 2 years then..............please find some consistency to your trolling. I see Pepe was still 'dropped' even went so far as to lie and tell the tv camera's he isnt fully fit yet. It seems he even has Brendan in on it too now, claiming that he was 50-50 for the Chelsea match.