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  • Jason Jason Nov 12, 2012 15:12 Flag

    Jan Molby Column..

    I really like Jan Molby and what he has to say when doing coverage of Liverpool, as well as other sources, Sky, BBC etc., and even had the opportunity to meet him at the NYC LFC Supporters club. Unfortunately, never much of a priviledge to see him play..

    One of the main reasons I like him for his commentary, is that he gives his opinion, in black and white, not with very dark shades of Red as many do, or would do covering Liverpool. He doesn't always say what "you want to hear" but rather what you "need to hear"

    This said, while not a Liverpool specific column, I thought it was a very good piece, as well as a funny shot at Man City, who are only ahead of Fail Madrid as Europe's most inept, because of Madrid's illustrious past, rather than recent failures.

    One here could only imagine if we'd had some of Mancini / City's spending, particularly now, with Rodgers who is a pretty European savvy thinker based on some of his buys, and inclusions in the squad..

    I guess it might be of interest as well since it leads to all signs of what, no fan here wants, excluding those few morons with water on the brains, come end of May.

    Bottom line, Mancini is a moron 9/10 with his tactics, his demeanor on the sideline, and his behavior towards some players. The scary part is, when both he and Joselina "Fail" this year, I see the "not so special one" returning, taking over City to spend 800M on Ronaldo, Cavani, and everyone else possible..

    As a sidenote, I do think he's a bit harsh on Chelsea, because if they play well at the back and in the middle, Mata, Hazard, Oscar even Moses can take many teams apart, and once they make a very shrewd 48M buy on the cheap of Falcao, they should be able to grind out a result here and there..


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    • puppettjane
      have you ever been to anfield?
      my bet is you stick to waiting for some bulls5it yankee tour so you can jerk off over the young boys in the club
      typical wannabe spooner...................ahahahahaha

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      • 1 Reply to Seanicemanreturns
      • Very original with the usage of Jane, Jane, which I dubbed you last week, acknowledged by Colyn, 2 Bobs and perhaps a Robert.. Ironic your use of the word puppet, in addition to your recent slew of very disturbing sexual preference comments, seeing as how a puppet involves your hand up...? Well, you could elaborate further..

        Yes, I was in England this past August, saw Liverpool at Anfield, for Europa, lower centenary to the right side of the KOP, my first time ever. I'm also planning a return this winter or 2013, so would my 2 times to Anfield be 1 more than yours to Goodison? Actually no need to answer, nobody cares.

        BUT, I spent 3 days in the city Centre, met a few Everton fans, nice people, all smarter and funnier than you. Also, heard many times what a dump Goodison was, so while I ventured around the rail seeing as many stadiums I could, Craven Cottage, Stamford Bridge, Old Toilet, I never bothered to go across the Stanley Park to the sesspool of waste, as it was described..

        No Yankee tour, no Anfield tour, no anything, on my own for a week, cash out of my pocket. Does that make you feel better now?

        As for the rest of your drivel, only god knows what you're on about (as usual) and please for your own dignity, come up with your own material.. We all read the thread and link already, so it's actually not even funny now, just kinda sad..

        La La "...............ahahahahhaha"