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  • Jason Jason Nov 12, 2012 21:25 Flag

    LFC Supports New Inquest..

    I'm not sure how often, or who goes to the LFC official website, so this is in no way meant to be redundant or repetitive as I'd assume this news would obviously make it's rounds in the UK and has done earlier than I could see it.

    I actually did try to sign the e-petition, but I am not permitted as a non UK citizen, so I figured in the event that anyone who might not have been aware, could get a few who could get a few to make up for me..


    It may sound odd to some that I am starting this thread, but, I view it as something that was truly tragic and terrible, not only the events, but the suffering for all these years, and as an LFC supporter abroad, I can say that I & "we" over here, really do care, and contribute for our part in local chapters associated with LFC, through fundraisers, charities, signings, raffles etc.

    I suppose that's the ultimate meaning of YNWA..

    I truly hope 100,000 is reached and surpassed with ease..