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    Transfer Rumours

    It feels a bit like we are engaged in a damage limitation exercise until we can reinforce in January. This has led me to spend a lot of time reading through the pseudo journo bull that links us to every European player under the age of 25 who has scored three league goals or more so far this season, and a few international journeymen to boot. Amongst all of these I can see only two rumours that consistently crop up. This of course is not a very good gage of the truth but it has been the case before that the rumours that linger turn out to have grounding. Think Downing and Adam last year (unfortunately).

    Huntelear to Liverpool rumours now have there own website entirely dedicated to the cause, www.caughtoffside.com... and Walcott rumours are not far behind.

    Neither player is one that really excites me, I would not put them among the worlds elite players and they are not single handedly going to carry us up the table to the top four. However I have been thinking about it (more than is healthy) and they would significantly improve our starting 11 and squad.

    .......Suarez...Klaas Jan...Walcott....
    .......................Gerrard ....................
    This looks like a fairly decent side to challenge for top 4, with Sterling, Suso, Borini, Assadi, Sahin, Shelvey, Wisdom, Kelly, Coates, Jones, Hendo and Downing all challenging for first team places it seems like it would be a big improvement on the resources available now.

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    • How are the massage parlors, I'm sure his wife will want to make sure he's got somewhere to go to relax!

    • Avram Grant has been linked with a vacant manager's position at Sydney FC. Must be desperate.....

    • Good luck with that. But if you fail, I believe Avram Grant is available.


    • Couple of thoughts on this and these 2 in particular.. I think getting both, while almost certainly not to happen, would cost close to 30M. For that amount, we could spend 20+ on one who really fits the box and use the rest on another player who more fits BR's profile and style.. Don't know/think that money will be made available, though we'll see..

      With Theo, he is refusing to re-sign at Arsenal because he wants a guarantee he will get time as the central striker, not a wide player, so unless he's given that here, he wouldn't come and doesn't make much sense.

      Shalke are up competing for CL places in Germany now, and are about 1 win away from progressing into this year's Knockouts, where surely Klaas would want to compete, and even if they don't, he'd be ineligible for Europa should we remain in that one, so he'd have some bench time and not help on that front.

      Adding both, or any 2 players of a high profile for that amount of money is also going to see both Sterling and Suso sit the bench now, and I don't think Rodgers, the owners, most supporters, and most importantly either of them want that. Esp considering Sterling is having issues with signing a new contract and at least 1 of them should be a regular, with the other, presumably Suso, a very key figure.

      If we are looking at Klaas or someone of that profile, personally, I'd prefer and hope it were Llorente instead, who's 27 to his 29, a big strong lad, who can move better, and one who has no Europe or league concerns with Bilbao, who also put on a masterclass vs United last year in 2 matches..

      Alot of Arsenal fans, a couple I know, seem convinced Theo is headed our way, but unless he's offered up that central role, just don't see it making sense, especially where Suarez is starting to show more prolifics, and he could benefit from having another true wide player, and a good, competent backup to give him a rest, or compliment him on a bad day at the office..

      Ultimately, I do think we're looking at 2-3, but maybe end up with 2, 1 of which to push for 1st team, the other to be an Assaidi type in the mix now, but in line for years to come..

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      • As far as I can see, the main forward players we have been linked with are Huntelaar, Llorente, Walcott, Sturridge, Bent, Tello, Villa, Lasina Traore, Ba, Anelka and Damiao, That is quite some list with some varying between deluded all the way to underwhelming. In all fairness, they all would improve our squad as we are so underpowered so I imagine it will be tough to go too far wrong in terms of a marginal improvement but we do need to be careful we dont end up with a couple of high earning dogs and miss out on the real targets come summertime.

        I like Huntelaar but his wages will be phenominal and the guy can barely run whilst pushing his way to 30 yrs old, I think he will be looking for a guaranteed CL club.

        Similar could be said of Llorente, great player but I think will be pricey wages and will be looking for an instant title competitor.

        Bent for all his stigma, could be a decent signing and seeing as he has somehow been dropped for Benteke seems a cheap and realistic addition, maybe £6m? That would be a great solution for a 'cover' option.

        Tello is a great little player, his contract was up last summer and he signed a 1 year extension, despite getting lots of playing time he doesnt seem to be getting much closer to a long term deal, a definite one to go for but I think we will see that he is negotiating contract terms rather then really wanting a move away.

        Villa is the dream one for me, he is a world class player and his lack of 1st team football is our glimmer of hope. He might be 31 but he is still quick and the injury concerns hardly add up, the guy had a horrific leg break, thats hardly persisting niggles. I think he will stay put but you never know.

        I don't understand the Traore rumours, he looks a giant pile of trash to me. If we got rid of Carroll, there is no way we would bring this lumbering monster in.

        Demba? Always tempting, great player and a clinical finisher, that knee problem is not going to dissapear though. It would be typical of our luck for the 'ticking timebomb' to explode on matchday 1 and never see him again!

        Anelka is half interesting, no doubts about his skill or love for LFC but is he too far past it? He could sort us till the summer time if there is any truth in it.

        Damiao is a quality player but might be a bit rich for us in this window, maybe one for the future but again, not sure we could attract him when he will have lots of offers on the table.

        That leaves Sturridge and Walcott. They seem the round pegs/holes for the interchangeable front 3. Both are premier league 'proven' to some extent, both are unhappy at their clubs and both are realistic options with their careers ahead of them. I really think these are the 2 that would balance out our squad. They can both play up front or on either side of Suarez with one being an ex-Rodgers man and one a big LFC fan. I know they aren't that popular targets here but they are the ones for me in our current situation.

      • I saw a story / rumour that we'd made enquiries about Toure, the 6'8" monster that Anzhi have got. Please tell me that it's complete and utter jane crap.

      • hahahahhahaha