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  • John John Nov 16, 2012 10:34 Flag

    paulo dybala

    why aren,t we trying to sign the guy billed as the new messi only 19 years old and an unbelievable talent so he fits the FSG mould of value for money

    if you haven,t heard of him try youtube and google

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    • JC,

      Couple of things.. First, yes, the kid is insanely talented, I've seen him play as I do watch Serie A, and aside from my Napoli bias and following Milan, I do enjoy Palermo good enough (sometimes). That said, he just joined them this year and only just turned 19, so he won't be making any immediate moves..

      Second, while I agree on his talent, because seeing some of his skills particularly in his native Argentina were quite ridiculous at times, and along with being a lefty makes him the easy "next Messi", but he had something like 16 goals in 40+ with his last Argentine club, and while there's all kinds of talents there, and across South America, it's not exactly the best calibre overall, and any sort of defense..

      Since he does have 2 goals early doors I think that suggests he's adjusting ok, but he's got to probably play at least one full season in Serie A, before going anywhere, and if he did go quickly, my money would be on Spain before England.

      Sadly for Palermo, they are a selling club in Italy, and have had some great players move on, one in particular I happen to think is just ok, Edinson Cavani for 11M, which makes me vomit. But to Dyabla, he's still a kid, and raw, so it might not necessarily be a match made in heaven at the current moment because he'd probably go into the reserves, and EPL would be a massive jump in every sense..

      That said, if we happened to look and he was available, presumably still at a decent price, then yes, buy him yesterday. But sadly, I don't think we're in for him, and in a position to use him properly, though I do wish..