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  • Jason Jason Nov 17, 2012 03:20 Flag

    LFC & Sweden Secret Partnership?

    That can be the only logical explanation for this blasphemy, which is basically toying with my emotions.. This is a very cruel joke

    Here is its' translation, which makes for a good laugh, or cry, depending on your view of things..

    Claudio Annellucci (Agent):
    Confirms Liverpool interest: "Cavani wants to play in England"

    Edinson Cavani continues to pour into goal for his Napoli and has done so for several years. Several major European clubs are therefore interested in 25-year-old's signature. eurosport.se have previously written about that Arsenal are ready to open your wallet and buy the striker, and now confirms his agent, Claudio Annellucci, that Liverpool is good too.

    "Liverpool and Arsenal are the first clubs Cavani has agreed to talk to", Speaking to the newspaper El Telegrafo.

    "It is no secret that Edinson wants to play in England, it is one of his biggest dreams."

    Previously, the Uruguayan striker had been linked with Manchester City and Chelsea. But now dismissed by Annellucci who says it would be irrelevant:

    "He plays football because he loves the sport. Fat paychecks, he has never attracted to."

    Cavani leads right now Serie A's top scorer with his eight hits in ten matches. His overall goal in Napoli's 62 goals in 91 games, giving an average of 0.68 goals per game.

    Andrew Kack - eurosport.se

    Of course I'd like to read the original article from El Telegrafo to see how much it's probably distorted, but I can't find it, and I've asked my neighbor to try and find it in Italian, since I see no mention on any Serie A page, and you'd kinda think perhaps their best player's agent making statements of him open to leaving would make a headline. And, while me saying this only adds to the torture of believing it, it can't really be any ploy for a contract since Cavani just signed a brand new one this summer, which has a 58M buyout clause..

    This is going to be one really long silly season.. <Sigh>

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      • I'm glad you saw that and posted it Michael, because I now I can say without a doubt, it is almost complete and utter BS.

        Of all the teams in England, particularly those considered the traditional "big 4" or "top 4", Arsenal are easily the least likely to spend that type of money on one player, so I don't know where his agent Annellucci is coming up with that, unless Arsenal have won the lottery. At one point, we did enquire about Cavani, and it was during the January Torres saga, and De Laurentis said his price was 42M, which we scoffed at, and promptly moved for a brilliant bargain in Andy Carroll for 35M instead.. No mistake there..

        Second, that link had quotes/stories mixed from 3 different times and places. De Laurentis did make that statement about Cavani having his price and if a club wanted to make an offer then he would listen. It was amidst last January's window where there were rumors of Chelsea and City looking, and De Luarentis said they could pay 72M, and that was the worth that he valued Cavani at. (not sure if pounds or euros, but does it really matter at 72?).

        Then this summer, Cavani had expressed his absolute desire to stay with Napoli, sign a new contract, and has ruled out any move right now, as he wants to break Maradona's goal record at Napoli, which is 115 or 117, and he's on 80 right now. So, that said, along with the new contract having a 58M buyout clause, makes this all complete nonsense, even if there is a chance we have reached out to see if he's available or interested. IF that were the case, I actually would find some solace in it, knowing we tried, and conversely if he wants to come to England one day and LFC are one of his preferred desitinations, but sadly, it won't be this January, probably not this summer, and maybe not ever, unless he hands in a transfer request.

        So, end of the day, it's fun for me to follow him as my favorite footballer who's not an LFC player, and Napoli, and also fun for general discussions of players in Europe, but not so much fun for us with regards to adding him or even talking about it..

        All nonsense.. I guess the point of my thread is that I'm baffled how Yahoo Sweden could post that on their page, with the original quotes, and then it not end up on Yahoo USA, Yahoo UK, or Yahoo Italy..

        But it's a non story, I found more humor and a slight bit of torture in it... nothing less. I think Hobs would second all of this too..

        If someone puts up 58M, or 72M this January, or this summer, I'll be knocked off my feet, and really worry for the future of the EPL, UCL and the sport in general especially with FFP in the frame, unless of course by some miracle it's us.

        The end.

    • Do you spend much time hunting for any link for Cavani to LFC? ;)
      I would love it to hold a fraction of truth but I have kinda drifted beyond even a faint hope we will get someone of that ilk. I reckon he is going to be a £40m deal for someone soon, sadly not us!

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      • Hobs,

        Swear on my life, and you know I'd usually say whatever I've got to say, that I wasn't even looking for this.. I figured you, much like me would take notice, and I'm baffled as to how it's on yahoo Sweden and no other language.. Of course once I did see it, I had to translate it, that's given..

        Unless I see an article from El Telegrafo, or in Italian, I'm not even getting bothered by it, I found it be a combination of humorous and well... humorous.. Until English papers take hold of it and we get sucked in for 2 full months..

        I don't think he's leaving Italy at all this year after signing a new contract, Napoli being in 2nd with a shot at the Serie A title, and him saying in quotes that he does not plan to go anywhere as he has Maradona's all time goal record at Napoli in his sights..

        Maybe some day, but not this year, not next, so that's that.