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  • Jason Jason Nov 17, 2012 17:55 Flag

    No Complaints Today ...?

    I'm kind of surprised there isn't already at least 1 thread started commending the team and the performance today at Anfield..

    Never seems to be a shortage of our own, along with the other water on the brains lot, jumping all over Rodgers, the owners, the entire team, and even the people collecting tickets..

    Wigan weren't very good, but we were far, far better and aside from a very short patch in the 1st half, controlled every aspect of the game in all 3 areas of the pitch, AND Reina managed to not put one in his own net (aided by the post once).

    Skrtel and Agger impeccable at the back. Wisdom and Glen fanstastic on the wings, and for all the stick I've given him, as have others, Enrique probably the real man of the match. And, for me, that had to be Sterling's best game as a 1st team player by a mile, he was simply awesome..

    Then of course Mr. Suarez.. Easily could have had 4, but he didn't have any easy or glaring misses, and both finishes were fantastic, particularly the first one where Sterling's cut back was behind and Luis still curled it into the top corner like any top striker would..

    And, this has to be said since there's alot of negative talk and criticism of the tactics and tiki taka.. I don't think we played more than 5 minutes of tiki taka at any point of the match aside from some at the back and deep mid. We mixed it up with free flowing attack in wide areas, through the middle, counter attack and some great 1-2 combos.. Just an all around great job of football..

    Rodgers pulling Suso, who I actually thought was playing well through 30", for Henderson (of all players), who did well, showed he IS willing to change his mind and tactics. That has to be said, because for all the critics of his philosophy, it's worth noting that every team has a foundation and basis for their style, and tiki taka is his, the players are still learning and will do so it won't always be perfect, but having a foundation is the root for all teams, and today we didn't use it.

    End of the day, awesome match and performance for me regardless if it was Wigan or Wrexham, especially because at home for nearly 2 years we've struggled for more than 1 goal, let alone 3 and wins.

    Great job to all the lads and Rodgers. Well done, and as the commentators here said, despite not being where they want to be, Liverpool are on an unbeaten streak, continuing to slowly climb and have a positive g/d now..

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    • Strange there are threads a plenty after a bad result on the weekend, but not so much when we do well. I suppose bad news just appeals to some!

      On the match itself, pretty much agree with everything you've got here, but just wanted to add one point that really stood out for me, and that was the role Enrique played.

      I expect you saw the line up's as FSC showed them, and they had Johnson at RW and Jose at LB. Now they never seem to get formations right before matches, but I was wondering what they were playing at, but also thought of the number of people on here who have advocated Glen be pushed up to the wing position, which is something I've never really agreed with.

      But it seems BR turned that on its head, by putting Glen at LB, and Jose at LW, and had them interchange throughout the match. For me this was a master stroke. We got the best of Glen coming forward from the full back slot, but kept the steel of defense on the left side. So the best out of Johnson, but also gave Enrique real freedom, and we all saw what he did with it. To be honest I think this is what he'd envisioned for Downing when he said he wanted him to play full back, so he could get that interchange between the defender and the attacker.

      But that brings up another point. It seems on here we've written off players only to see them reinvent themselves with BR's coaching. We saw that with Jose, who only a few weeks ago was supposed to be out of favor and half out the door. I'd add that imo Henderson is in the same boat. About to be shipped out last month, but at the weekend he came in, and really shored up the right side which I think gave both Wisdom and Sterling a lot more freedom down that side.

      So who knows if the others rumored to be on the outs are really going? Downing I heard has been told he can look for a new club, but maybe we might see him also surprise us if he can re-invent himself the way some of the other so called marginal players have.

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      • I agree with that all, and I never pay any mind to what's put up on the screen, they always paint a 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-4-1-1 formation with players in all sorts of positions..

        From how it started, it was a 3-4-3, but he didn't feel Suso was getting close enough to Suarez, and in his comments "weren't pressing far enough up the pitch", so by bringing in Henderson, and he said "4-2-3-1", it allowed Sterling to push up, where I have to say in all his development and growth, pressing has been extremely impressive considering his size and age. And, that allowed for Stevie to push on where Suarez was really a lone sole up top, getting nothing (circa last year's 4-5-1 nonsense), and Allen/Henderson did a great job holding the fort, with Skrtel and Agger at their impeccable best.

        Glen and Enrique were superb on the left, and in a way I suppose we could/should give some of Enrique's credit to Glen for him being in position defensively as well, and the times he pushed on and almost scored..

        I've always felt there was a role for Henderson because he's got good pace, incredible work rate, and very good skill, but I think he lacks confidence and has been tinkered with so much in only a year + at Liverpool. I thought end of the day, he would make a great box to box midfielder, similar to Lucas, but with far more pace, passing range and ability to score some. So, unless someone really wants to buy him, or part of an exchange, I think he's good for another year.

        Sadly, Downing has had more than enough chances in 3 different positions, and while occasionally, showing a glimmer here and there, nothing more than a flash in the pan, and because of what he cost the club and wages, he's the hardest one of all to cash in on, because who knows what his position is, and at most he'd get 5-6M, considering he cost 19M! The same can be said for Cole, whose 110K weekly is burning a hole in every one's pockets and my eye sockets when I see him even sat on the bench.

        The most telling thing about what BR did, and saw, was when he said that he felt Enrique's pace and athleticism allowed for him to get forward much more. So if you pair that with his physical strength when defending and muscling people off the ball defensively, and take away some of his wasteful crossing, which was all of last season and what my main issue with him, since he was innacurate, and we had some imaginary figure to head them in, and if he's grasping interplay, with passes like he picked for Suarez, then there's no need for Downing anyways.

        I think Robinson deserves the other chances available there, and when fit again, Kelly could always do an emergency job there. Just think when Kelly is fit again, what a selection dilemma BR has back there, especially if Coates can find some consistent form since he was great vs City, and lost vs Anzhi.. but he's young..

        I have to say, while we're still going to draw and lose matches, and sometimes be frustrated, Rodgers is doing absoultely everything possible to maximize what he has, and what the players have in their locker, rather than just stick to his own "my way or the highway", and he's a visionary. I've seen some criticism for it, but while I know it upsets people, even myself to say .. would Kenny be doing this? Would Roy..err not worth answering, and of course, would Rafa? (aside from Mascherano)..

        Obviously I, and everyone here want 3 really good players to come in January, with a big time striker and big time winger, though I don't see all chips in on anyone in particular, unless something we're truly surprised with, but that said, if he's got the money to spend, and gets 2-3 he really wants, I'm very excited to see what we get, and what the results will be after January and moving forward!

    • Hi Jason

      No complaints from me. I thought Wigan played well in the first half which made that frustrating from our point of view. I thought our second half-performance was the best we have played in the league this season.

      Well done to the staff & the players.

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      • Hi Jason and co

        As usual, loads of post match comment - not - on this board which is excited only by poor performances, media transfer speculation and other such topics it seems these days. Yesterday was by far our best overall performance for a long time and, although all the media talk is around Suarez, I´d like to single out Jose Enrique who I thought was man of the match. One superb assist, one goal and a peach of a pass to Henderson who ought perhaps to have scored.

        In the wing back position he played yesterday, along with Johnson, I think we have found a very potent left wing defense and attack combination. If we can sort out the right wing, maybe with Kelly back who likes to drive forward and Sterling in front, and Lucas back in the frame allowing Allen to play further forward, we will be even better.

        Well done all the lads and credit to BR for changing Suso for Henderson which made a difference. Talking about the latter, best game yet for him in a red shirt. Looks like Downing has shot his bolt and will be on his way in January.

        Overall, a very enjoyable afternoon for a change!

    • Jason there is a thread, I started about 1 hour after match (time to get home).
      Agree with the sentiments